Forms & Surveys

Forms & Surveys

Within this section you fill find a range of forms and surveys.

University Cards

To request a replacement university card, or request an extension if your card is about to expire and you will still be a student, please complete the form below.

The Academic Office is currently short-staffed, and it may take longer than usual to respond to requests.

The Academic Office will be closed for Easter from Wednesday 28 March until Monday 9 April.

Confirmation Letter

Please use this form if you require confirmation that you are a current student, or if you require confirmation of the dates that you were a student at St Catherine's and your degree result if you have completed your degree.

If you require a breakdown of your marks, please use the transcript request form (this will also confirm the date you attended and your degree result).

Student Room Condition Report

This form is the opportunity for students to report all damage that exists upon arrival in their new room.

Existing damage or missing furniture not reported may result in charges when you move out. All students are required to fill out a Room Condition Report Form by midday of Friday of 2nd week, 23rd October.

I am aware that by submitting this Room Condition Report I am indicating that I have assessed the room for damaged and that I am responsible for any additional damages or missing items while in residence.


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