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Undergraduate Awards and Prizes

St Catherine's College believes in investing in talent. With the help of alumni, Fellows and friends we now offer a wide range of awards and prizes.

Travel Awards

As a result of generous donations from alumni and friends of the College, the College is able to make a number of travel awards to existing undergraduates each year for travel abroad during the long vacation. The awards are primarily for enterprising and interesting travel projects rather than for study. Further details of these awards are circulated to students by email and are posted on notice boards within the College.

The Wallace Watson Award is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate member of the college to undertake an expedition or travel of a challenging nature in a mountainous and/or remote region anywhere in the world and to give a lecture on his or her experiences.

Emilie Harris Award for those aiming to help or work with the needy in the country visited £300.

Philip Fothergill Award c. £250.

Raymond Hodgkins Award c. £200.

Antony Edwards Bursary is awarded for Spanish study as part of a year abroad in a Spanish-speaking country (preference is given to students who will be going to Spain).

Mark Davys Bursary is awarded for assistance with year abroad costs for students on the four-year Law with Law Studies in Europe course.

Bullock Travel Award for travel projects (may be divided) c. £250.

Bullock Career Award for travel of value to future career (may be divided) c. £250.

Patricia Knapp Travel Award for travel with a medical purpose (a generous amount usually divided between worthy candidates).

Environmental Travel Award c. £200.

Other lesser awards between £40-£200.

College Prizes

Several prizes are awarded each year to St Catherine's undergraduates. There are prizes for academic, social and cultural contributions to the College. Most are cash prizes, ranging from £40 to £200.

The Bailey Prize is awarded to a student involved in debating at a high level in the College or in the University.

The Burton Prize is awarded for the best academic performance during the year in an area covering Psychology, Sociology, Geography and Human Sciences.

The Charles Wenden Fund supports the sporting life of the College.

The Cochrane Evidence-Based Medicine Prize is awarded for the best critical appraisal of evidence answering a practical clinical question by a St Catherine’s clinical medical student

The Francis and Caron Fernandes Music Prize is awarded for contributing towards the musical life of the College.  This prize is not restricted to music students.

The Frank Allen Bullock Prize is awarded for the best piece of creative or critical writing.

The Gardner Prize is awarded for outstanding contribution to the life of the College.

The Harold Bailey Prize is awarded for outstanding performance in Asian Studies.

The Hart Prize is awarded for the best essay on an historical subject by a first- or second-year undergraduate.

The John Martin Prize is awarded for the best performance in Materials Science Part I.

The Katritzky Prize is awarded for the best performance in Chemistry Part I.

The Katritzky Prize is awarded for the best academic performance by a second-year in History of Art.

The Leask Music Scholarship is intended to assist students in any subject with the cost of music lessons and is competed for by audition.

The Michael Atiyah Prize is awarded for the best mathematics essay or project written by a second year undergraduate reading for a degree in Mathematics or joint school with Mathematics.

The Michael and Lily Atiyah Prize is awarded for the best performance in Mathematics by a second-year.

The Neville Robinson Prize is awarded for the best performance in Physics Part B

The Neville Robinson Prize is awarded for the best performance in Physics Part C.

The Peter Raina Prize is awarded for the best essay by a second-year reading History.

The Rose Prize is awarded for the best academic performance during the year in Biological Sciences.

The Rupert Katritzky Prize is awarded for the best performance in the Final Honour School of History.

The Smith Award is awarded for Services to Drama within the College.

The Smith Award is awarded for Services to Music within the College.

The Stuart Craig Award is awarded to an outstanding student who has gained distinction in a university or national sport, or cultural or musical activities.

The Thomas Jefferson Prize is awarded to the North American student who has contributed most to the College academically, socially or culturally 'in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson'.

The Wilfrid Knapp Prize is awarded is awarded for the best essay by a second-year reading PPE.

The Wright Prize is awarded for the best performance in Mathematics Part B.

Repetiteur Scholarship

St Catherine's College and New Chamber Opera ( have established a Répétiteur Scholarship for pianists wishing to further their skills as a répétiteur, accompanist or conductor. Holders of the Scholarship will be appropriately qualified undergraduate members of St Catherine's College, reading Music or another approved subject. It is intended that the successful applicant will divide his or her scholarship time between St Catherine's College and New Chamber Opera, assisting in rehearsals, performances and with the training of singers for New Chamber Opera, and helping to organise and run practical musical activities in St Catherine's.

For further information click here.

The Nick Young Award

The annual award – under the Nick Young Trust, set up in memory of Nick Young, an alumnus of the College – offers a grant of £3,000 to a member, or alumnus, of the College for the purpose of gaining experience of the functions of the television media by spending a period of several months as arranged by Director's Cut Productions.

Ferhat Engin

Bar Manager

Luda Gromova

Assistant Librarian

Lizzie Andrews

Bursar's and Dean's Secretary

Helen Alexander

Helen is the contact for all Visiting Student enquiries.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1865 281577


The Director of Studies for Visiting Students is Naomi Freud.

Visiting Students Administrator

Emily Ellis

Executive Officer to the Master

Term-time (weeks 1 - 8):

Monday - Friday: 8am - midnight

Saturday & Sunday: 9am - midnight

Library Guide

Finding books

SOLO, Oxford's catalogue, gives details of books held by both University and college libraries. SOLO allows you to search the entire catalogue, but if you only want to see books held by St Catz, you can use the drop down menu to restrict your search.

SOLO has lots of other useful features which are detailed here. Guides to other libraries and details of training opportunities to help you make the most of Oxford's libraries are also available on the Bodleian Libraries' web pages. The Bodleian and College Libraries have also developed Library Assistant for Oxford Freshers, an online induction specifically for mobile devices to help you navigate the system of university and college libraries. Of course, you are always very welcome to ask us if you need any help.

Books are classified according to subject, and the catalogue record will show a book’s shelfmark. The Library map shows where each subject and corresponding shelfmark can be found in St Catz Library.

Borrowing books

During opening hours books can be issued, returned, and renewed. You can renew books twice online by logging into “My Account” on SOLO.

Up to 12 books may be borrowed for a period of up to 4 weeks (or until Friday of 8th Week if that is sooner). Vacation borrowing begins on Monday of 8th Week, with books being issued until Thursday of 1st Week. Emails are sent to remind you when books are due back. Fines on overdue books are 10p per book, per day.

Readers must use their University card to borrow and are personally responsible for all books taken out. The library reserves the right to charge the full replacement cost of any book not returned.

Working in the library

Please help maintain a pleasant environment for study. Eating and drinking are not permitted. Mobile phones must be switched off and all noise kept to a minimum.

If you wish to leave books you are using on desks, or to indicate they have been borrowed, please fill out a yellow slip (available from the issue desk). Otherwise they will be reshelved in the morning. Books should be left in a neat pile so that other students can use the desk when you are away. Do please remember not to leave valuables unattended.

Other resources in the library

Reference books and a selection of periodicals can be found at the bottom of the spiral staircase. The University provides access to an increasing number of electronic resources, including ejournals, ebooks and databases, which you can find using SOLO and OXLIP+. Wireless is available in the library enabling you to connect via your laptop, and there is also a computer room with a colour printer and scanner. Please note use of the computers is subject to College and University computing regulations.

A photocopier is available in the porch, where the relevant copyright regulations are displayed. Payment is by Upay.


The library aims to acquire core texts for all undergraduate courses taught at the College. If you would like to make a recommendation please fill out a slip from the issue desk and ask your tutor to countersign it. Alternatively email your tutor asking them to forward details to us if they support the recommendation.

A selection of new books is displayed at the issue desk and a termly accessions list displayed on library, JCR, MCR and SCR notice boards.


Professor Gervase Rosser, Fellow of the College, has overall responsibility for the library. The two Assistant Librarians, Luda Gromova and Barbara Costa, deal with the day-to-day running of the library.

During term time the librarians work between 8am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. At evenings and weekends graduate students invigilate the library and issue books.


If you need any help using the library or have any comments, please do get in touch:

+44 1865 281582 (issue desk)

+44 1865 271707 (office)


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