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Maintenance and Repairs

The maintenance team are responsible for maintenance and repairs in the College. Email:

If you have a maintenance requirement you should complete a Maintenance Request Form. If there is a difficulty over the weekend you should report this to the Lodge.

Lodge - Enquiries & Security

Your main use of the Lodge, apart from collecting and handing back room keys, will be for the collection, franking and posting of mail (national, intercollegiate, and internal mail or “pigeon post”).

The Lodge acts as the main contact point for a number of other purposes, including:

  • Lost and found property
  • Delivering academic work to College lecturers and Fellows
  • Issuing meeting room keys
  • Dealing with emergencies (e.g. fire alarms)
  • Reporting security issues (e.g. suspicious persons on site)
  • Operating the bicycle registration scheme
  • Answering general enquiries.

Outside of the period 7.00 am to 6.00 pm from Monday to Friday, the Lodge is primarily concerned with issues of safety and security. Lodge staff are in a position to get in touch with the appropriate staff, including the Junior Deans and emergency services, to provide assistance.

An online system is in operation for booking sports and other facilities (Music House, squash courts, punts).  Punting, as an activity, involves risks. Those taking out a punt need to be aware that they are taking on those risks and should exercise considerable care. Taking out a punt means that you are prepared to abide by the conditions set out the following page.


Housekeeping - Cleaning & Linen

Inge-Marie Rossouw-Smith is the Housekeeping and Lodge Manager. Her office is located in Staircase 13.

At the beginning of the year you will be asked to verify the inventory for the contents and condition of your room/flat using on online form. Any damages or losses will be recorded at the end of each term and, under the Residential Agreement, there will be charges for any loss or damage other than for fair wear and tear.

You are permitted to place a Do Not Disturb notice on your door and place your waste bin outside of it, to restrict access until 11.00 am on days other than the pre-arranged cleaning day. Please only do this when absolutely necessary.


Hall, Buttery, Bar & Kitchen

Meals in Hall

Term time:

Breakfast: Monday to Saturday  08:15-08:45
Lunch: Monday to Saturday  12:45-13:30; Sunday 12:45-13:20
Scaf (informal dinner, light meals and snacks): Monday to Friday 18:00-18:45
Dinner: Monday to Friday 19:15 (formal hall); Saturday 18:30-19:15 (through server)

Out of term time:

Breakfast: Monday to Saturday  08:15-08:45
Lunch: Monday to Sunday  12:45-13:15
Dinner: Monday to Saturday  18:30-19:00


The Buttery, serving light snacks and refreshments, is open during term time in the Hall from Monday to Friday in the mornings (10:00 -11:45) and in the afternoons (14:00 to 16:30).


The bar is open from 18:30 to 23:30 from Monday to Saturday during term time. Ferhat Engin is the Bar Manager.


Tim Kelsey is the Head Chef. If you need to contact him please do so via email:


Catz is a cashless college. Payments for meals, drinks at the bar etc. are all made by swiping your University card. Your University card acts like a pre-paid debit card and you load money onto it via the Upay website. Once you have registered with Upay, you will be given a unique user name and password to access your online account. Upay will allow you to top up your card for purchases in College, pay your Battels, and book and pay for College events. You can also view guest lists and other details of future events you’ve booked. Parents and guardians may also top up your cashless account using your unique log-in details.

Reporting a card as lost

A card user must mark a card as lost on Upay using the ‘My Account Details’ tab. This enables a user to deactivate the card if it is lost or stolen. The lost card facility blocks the use of the card at all tills and vending machines, and prevents further access to Upay until the account is reinstated. At the same time an email reporting the loss/theft should be sent to and a replacement should be requested at The College will not be liable for any use of a card which has not been reported lost or stolen to the Upay system.

For further details, please download and read the Registration Guide.

Accounts Office - Battels and Charges

Battels is the name given in Oxford colleges for a bill, which includes, for example, living charges and accommodation. A table of charges is available here.

Students are personally responsible for the payment of their Battels, which are sent at the beginning of each term, usually by email, and are payable by the Friday of 1st Week. Payment of Battels can be made by: 1) U-Pay 2) Bank transfer: please contact Jane Holmes ( for information. 3) Debit card payment in the Accounts Office. 4) Cheque payable to ‘St Catherine’s College, Oxford’. Penalties may be applied in cases of late payment.

Useful Contacts:
For questions regarding Battels please contact Jane Holmes, Assistant Accountant, ( / 01865 271 800).

For questions regarding tuition fees and student loans please contact Cathy Steiner, Fees and Investments Secretary, ( / 01865 281 566).

For any other financial queries: Carey Forster, College Accountant, ( / 01865 271 802). 


The Accommodation Officer, Susannah Young, is responsible for student accommodation. She can be contacted by email:
The Accommodation Office is located in the College Offices.

For terms of residence please see the residence agreement.

You can apply to stay in College during the vacations by returning and completing the appropriate form.

To book guest rooms during term time please email


How do I get a transcript or letter of confirmation?

Official transcripts for students who commenced their studies in, or after, Michaelmas Term 2007 are produced by the University of Oxford's Degree Conferrals Office (see the University website for details).

For students who commenced their studies before Michaelmas Term 2007, St Catherine's can provide a statement giving details of dates of attendance, programme of study, examinations taken, marks achieved and degree class.

If you require confirmation that you are, or have been, a student at St Catherine's (and your degree classification if you have already graduated) please use the online letter of confirmation request form. Please log on to Student Self Service to obtain a Council Tax letter for your Oxford address.

If you commenced your studies before Michaelmas Term 2007 and require a breakdown of your marks, please use the online St Catherine's transcript request form.

Please note that at least a week's notice is required to produce letters of confirmation and transcripts when the Academic Office is open.

The Academic Office will be closed for Easter from Wednesday 28 March until Monday 9 April. We will try to respond to requests for letters of confirmation and transcripts within ten days of re-opening.

If you have any difficulty with these forms you can email with the following information:

  • Whether you are requesting a letter of confirmation or a transcript
  • Your full name
  • Matriculation year
  • Programme of study and subject
  • If requesting a transcript, which marks you would like included (e.g. Prelims/Mods/Finals/All)
  • Title of thesis or dissertation, if applicable
  • Number of copies you would like
  • Address you would like the letter or transcript sent to (current students - letters will be sent to your pigeonhole, unless an address outside Oxford is provided)

How do I collect my degree?

Please email for details.

What is matriculation?

Matriculation is the ceremony when students formally join the University and all students are required to do this when they are admitted to the University, unless they are Visiting or Exchange Students.

The main matriculation ceremony is on the Saturday of First Week of Michaelmas Term and instructions are sent to newcomers before they come to University, and again before the ceremony itself. Full academic dress is required at the ceremony.

There are small matriculation ceremonies at the end of each term to matriculate students who are admitted after the start of Michaelmas Term, or who may have been given special permission to matriculate later.


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