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A History of Crete

Christ Moorey (1967, English)

A History of Crete (Haus, 2019) “… a fascinating journey through Cretan history, from its mythological past to its tourist-crowded present”…

The Regency Revolution

Robert Morrison (1984, English)

The Regency Revolution: Jane Austen, Napoleon, Lord Byron and the Making of the Modern World (Atlantic Books, 2019) The Regency began…

A.E. Housman: Hero of the Hidden Life

Edgar Vincent (1951, English)

A.E. Housman: Hero of the Hidden Life (Boydell Press, 2018) A.E. Housman (1859-1936) was both a celebrated poet and the foremost…

Im Abseits

Paul Whitehead (2001, Modern Languages)

Im Abseits: W. G. Sebalds Ästhetik des Marginalen (Aisthesis, 2019) This monograph considers the question of marginality in the works…

Collaborative Advantage

Paul Skinner (1995, Modern Languages)

Collaborative Advantage: How Collaboration Beats Competition as a Strategy for Success (Robinson, 2018) The history of business strategy has been…

Shakespeare’s Language: Perspectives Past and Present

Keith Johnson (1963, English)

Shakespeare’s Language: Perspectives Past and Present (Routledge, 2019) Keith Johnson offers an overview of the rich and dynamic history of the…

The Year 2017-18

The Murderer of Warren Street

Dr Marc Mulholland

The Murderer of Warren Street: The True Story of a Nineteenth-Century Revolutionary (Hutchinson, 2018)

The Perfectionists

Simon Winchester (1963, Geology)

The Perfectionists: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World (Harper, 2018) The rise of manufacturing could not have happened without…