I teach all areas of French language and literature to first-year students at the College. To second years and finalists, I teach sixteenth-, seventeenth-, eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century literature as well as French language.

About me

I was educated in Switzerland, and obtained my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in French and English from the University of Geneva. I am currently completing my DPhil in Modern Languages at Lincoln College. I have joined St Catz as a Lecturer after teaching at Swiss state schools, the Ashmolean Museum, and Lincoln College.

I am also a Co-Director of Uncomfortable Oxford, a social enterprise which runs walking tours, public lectures, workshops, and outreach programmes to raise awareness and encourage discussion on the ‘uncomfortable’ legacies of inequality and imperialism in the city as well as the politics of memory built in its environment.


My doctoral thesis explores self-translation in Samuel Beckett’s artistic process. It compares the English and French versions of Molloy, Malone Meurt, and L’Innommable by examining the effects of self-translation on the representation of the character’s mind and consciousness.

My wider research interests include French and English literature, the representation of the mind in the arts, bilingualism, hip hop studies, imperial history, material culture, and museum studies.

For further information, please see my faculty page.