Jeremy Dimmick

MA, MPhil, PhD Camb
College Lecturer in English

Devinder Sivia

MA, PhD Camb


I have been a Lecturer at St. Catherine's since 1992, and currently teach Mathematics to the undergraduates in Physics, Engineering and Computer Science for the College. I have published three books in the Oxford Chemistry Primers series, which are aimed primarily at first year undergraduates:

Sivia, D.S. and Rawlings, S.G. (1999) Foundations of Science Mathematics, OCP 77.

Sivia, D.S. and Rawlings, S.G. (1999) Foundations of Science Mathematics: worked problems, OCP 82.

Ritchie, G.A.D. and Sivia, D.S. (2000) Foundations of Physics for Chemists, OCP 93.

About me

I read Natural Sciences as an undergraduate at St. John's College, Cambridge, and stayed there to do my Ph.D. with the Radio Astronomy Group at the Cavendish Laboratory. After three years as a PostDoctoral Fellow at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the U.S.A., I returned to England as a Staff Scientist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. While there, I quickly developed links at Oxford that enabled me to do some teaching at St. Catherine's. This extracurricular hobby expanded greatly, both at St. Catherine's and elsewhere at the University, and has turned into my main activity since 2008.


My research interests revolve around the application of Bayesian probability theory to all sorts of data analysis problems, especially in the physical sciences. While my introduction to this field was in the context of Radio Astronomy, I have subsequently worked most closely with Condensed Matter scientists. I have published two related books with Oxford University Press, which are written for senior undergraduates, research students and postdocs:

Sivia, D.S. (1996) Data Analysis: a Bayesian tutorial. Second edition (2006) with J. Skilling.

Sivia, D.S. (2011) Elementary Scattering Theory: for x-ray and neutron users.

College Lecturer in Mathematics for Computer Science, Engineering Science and Physics

Stephen Goddard

MA, DPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in French

Douglas Hamilton

MA, DPhil
College Lecturer in Engineering Science

Amanda Palmer

MA Oxf, PhD Warw


I have been the Lecturer in Sociology at St Catherine’s College since 1989 teaching a range of topics within the Human Sciences degree course. I have acted as Director of Studies in Human Sciences for a range of Oxford Colleges, currently being the DoS at Harris Manchester College. I am also currently Chair of Examiners and Head of the Institute of Human Sciences, the latter being a post that rotates every three years between members of staff.

About me

I read Human Sciences myself at St Catherine’s back in the 1980s and proceeded to a PhD at Warwick University in the Sociology of Education. During the 1990s I was a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Oxford Brookes University but upon taking early retirement I maintained the teaching work with Human Scientists that I have always enjoyed. My teaching post is part-time and I also have additional business interests outside the University.


I am no longer research active but maintain a strong association with research into aspects of gender. I have published on the topic of low achieving pupils in education and conducted confidential research projects for HM Government on aspects of women and careers throughout the 1990s.

Graduate supervision

No longer involved with graduates.


College Lecturer in Human Sciences

John Morris

BSc, MB ChB, MA, MD Brist, MA Oxf
College Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

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