Kashish Saluja

The nine weeks that I spent at Oxford will always be one of the most cherished memories of my life. St. Catherine’s offered such a dynamic and friendly atmosphere that even though I was there for a term, people welcomed me with open arms. Being selected as a Keating scholar also gave me the option to choose from a wide variety of subjects and I made sure I chose Philosophy, Politics and Economics, a combination that always intrigued me and was also one of the most unique courses offered at Oxford. My time there was not only limited to academics, as I learnt ballroom dancing and represented Catz as a member of the Ballroom Dancing Cuppers team along with being a regular member of the Cricket and Volleyball teams. The Betty and Donald Keating Scholarship is not just a scholarship that funds you to study at Oxford for a term, but a life changing experience that will offer you numerous opportunities and you need to make best use of them in that limited time. The best part about this experience is that it does not just end there, as you develop such a wide network of people from all around the globe that you are continuously presented with interesting opportunities and a chance to visit each other in your respective home countries. I have already hosted two of my friends from Oxford and visited others in America when I went there to attend a UN youth conference recently.

I am currently working as an Analyst with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, a strategic development consultancy firm, in their Mumbai office.
I would just like to express my thanks and regards to Mr. Keating and his family for starting this generous programme and helping us give life to our dreams. I look forward to visiting the campus again, especially to attend the grand Catz Ball.

Rachna Bhutoria

It's been a year since I came to Oxford and I still relive every single day and I am now determined to come back to study for a Masters degree.


I wanted to thank you for making our stay so comfortable and giving us the chance to study at the most prestigious university in the world. Whenever Lolita , Priyesh and I meet we remember the warmth with which you greeted us and the opportunities you gave which has gone a long way in shaping us as individuals. Thank you for helping us study in a manner we have never experienced before, and in a way we would never forget.


P.S. Our parents are officially tired of listening to our Oxford stories but only someone who has experienced Oxford can possibly know what we mean


Kennith Rosario

I studied Creative Writing and Literary Criticism at St. Catz as a Betty and Donald Keating Scholar in 2013. I'm currently working as a journalist with India Today Television in New Delhi after graduating from St. Xavier's College - Autonomous, Mumbai and completing my post-graduation from the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.


In many ways, Trinity term of 2013 at St. Catz remains as one the most treasured and inspiring summers of my student life. Each tutorial in those 9 weeks were packed with intense discussion and peppered with lighthearted conversation, often in cafe over a pot of English tea. The University of Oxford, and particularly St. Catz, not just helped me evolve as a writer but also immersed me in quintessential British culture; be it playing croquet, feasting on Summer Pudding, punting on River Cherwell, or simply cycling along the river bank with ducks and swans for company. St. Catz is also where I met some of the most fascinating and inspiring students from around the world, from whom I learnt a great deal.

Oxford for me is a magical city of dreaming spires, where gargoyles guard the town, bridges and arches tell a story, writers write under a tree on the riverside, where you read with your friends, laugh with your tutor and sleep with your books.

Lalita Tangirala

Having graduated recently, I am a Political Science major now and I have applied to various colleges in India to pursue a Masters degree in the same field. I had taken Political Science and Journalism related courses during my two month stay at Catz. From playing for the college Volleyball team to Zumba lessons, learning about the UK election process, discussing gender issues with some like minded people, the best part about my stay was the diversity at Catz in particular and Oxford in general which made me change the way I look at a lot of things. With independence I learnt responsibility and discipline which the tutorial structure infused in me and with travelling and exploring by own I learnt how beautiful the UK is. I recount all these places, my tutorials, the fun I had with all the people I met and realised that I owe this life-changing experience to the Keating scholarship which made my stay so easy and comfortable there. All the staff and students, who are warm and so helping, have taught me valuable life lessons I'm going to cherish for the rest of my life. While at Catz, I experienced the same joy while punting or while reading late into the night in their library or interacting with friends in the JCR.

I hope my successors have the same fun as I did and revel in eight weeks of life-changing moments at St. Catherine's College.

Vishakha Sarvaiya

I am ever indebted and grateful for awarding me the Betty and Donald Keating scholarship for Trinity Term 2012 at St Catherine’s College, Oxford University. I am honored to share few words of gratitude for the time I had at what I like to call the global nucleus for human learning and education.


The first impression on arrival at St. Catherine’s College was the lush green lawns spread all around.  It was such a soothing feeling for the one who has had her first flight jetlag.  I was fortunate to have the chance to take Economics and Management as my Primary Subject at Said Business School under guidance of Mr Kwangwon Ahn and to take Creative writing as my Secondary course with Dr John Ballam.  


Studying economics was a very practical experience for me. During every single assignment I had found it was more based on Economics management concept and statistics which are the basic steps required to understand  the financial market. Dr Ballam my Creative Writing tutor,  gave me ample of chances to enhance my skills and interest for this subject by giving me various assignments. For the first time in my life I learned to write the Japanese style of short poem it's called "Haiku".


Currently I am working with the Merrill Lynch a subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation as an Analyst. But since this is contract based job and I’m still looking forward for a good opportunity for my career.


List of all Keating scholars

Trinity Term
First Name
Last Name
St Xavier's College
Neuroscience and Genetics
St Xavier's College
Genetics and Human Ecology
H. R. College of Commerce and Economics
International Relations
St Xavier's College
Astronomy and English Literature
H.R. College of Commerce and Economics
Management Studies and International Migration
St Xavier's College
English Literature and Journalism
St Xavier's College
History and English Literature
H.R.College of Commerce and Economics
Management Studies and Photography
St Xavier's College
International Economics and Philosophy of Science
H.R. College of Commerce and Economics
English Literature, Advertising and Economics
St Xavier's College
Philosophy of Ethics and International Relations
H.R. College of Commerce and Economics
Business Management Studies and Photography
St Xavier's College
Journalism, Political Sociology and International Relations
St Xavier's College
Economics and Knowledge and Reality
H.R. College of Commerce and Economics
Management Studies and Psychology
Ms Kushboo Agarwal H.R. College of Commerce and Economics Women, Gender and Economic Development and Indigenous Peoples, Minorities and Human Rights
Mr Jacob Mathew St Xaviers College Social Policy and British Administrative Systems
Ms Kawaljeet Kaur Pune University Virology, Practical Bioethics and Photography

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Betty and Donald Keating Scholarship

These scholarships are a tribute to the vision and generosity of Giles Keating’s (St Catz 1973).  They are given in honour of his parents to provide funding to allow academically outstanding students an opportunity to study at St Catherine’s as Registered Visiting Students.  The fund targets those students who attend universities that demonstrate academic access to students from all sections of Indian society.  The scholarship fund has enabled fifteen students over the last five years to study a variety of subjects and to enrich College life with their considerable talents. 

Please see the attached list of all the Keating Scholars who have studied at St Catherine’s. 

 The photograph above shows (from left to right): Rachna Bhutoria, Giles Keating, Kashish Saluja, Naomi Freud, Helen Alexander, Lalita Tangirala and Priyesh Sawlani, Trinity term 2015.

Details of the scholarship can be found here.

Betty and Donald Keating Scholarship at St Catherine's

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