Our policies and procedures

Our policies and procedures

The College's policies and procedures are set out in a number of documents and web pages:

College governance and codes of practice

Equality Policies

See also University of Oxford policy statements


Information and Regulations for Students

Residential agreement

Code of practice relating to the operation of the Junior and Middle Common Room

Student event booking form and guidelines

See undergraduate and graduate admissions policies and procedures at the Prospective Students area of the website.


Staff Handbook

Bribery Act Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults


Public liability insurance

Code of practice on Freedom of Speech

Documents and policies pertaining to information and information technology

Rules governing computer use: see Oxford University Computer Usage Rules and Etiquette

Information Security Policy

GDPR Policy

Fire Safety

Prevent Duty

Emergency Fire Action Plan

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

Visitor's PEEP Questionnaire

Fire Safety Video (N.B. this is c.900MB flle in MP4 format and may take several minutes to download).