Maxine Williams

Maxine Williams

Maxine Williams (1992, Law) Facebook's Global Director of Diversity

Born in Trinidad, Maxine Williams left her home island at the age of 16 and went to America. She studied for her undergraduate degree at Yale University, creating her own major in Caribbean Studies before coming to St Catherine’s on a Rhodes Scholarship in 1992 to study Law.

Maxine practiced Law in Trinidad, taught Law at the University of the West Indies and worked as a human rights coordinator. She also spent 13 years as an on-air journalist, hosting, producing, interviewing and anchoring numerous TV shows in the U.S., Trinidad, Jamaica and Barbados covering issues of legal, social, cultural and political importance. She was an expert guest on Court TV (now TruTV) covering trials where issues of human rights issues were at stake and she was the host of various BET cultural programs, all whilst working as an attorney.  In 2006, she took a job creating a more diverse work culture for the International Law firm White & Case. Although some thought she was spreading herself too thinly, she thought of it as gaining a diversity of experience.

In 2013, Maxine started working as Facebook’s Global Head of Diversity, with one of her first aims being to promote the benefits of diversity and encourage those around her to embrace it. Maxine was attracted to Facebook, as she felt the company’s mission was in sync with her own, that being to make the world more open and connected. She considers her greatest achievement as having deepened the connection to traditionally under-represented communities of Latinos, Blacks, women and many others, with the aim being to create equal opportunities.

Maxine is focused on developing strategies, implementing programs and building partnerships to increase and reflect global diversity, inclusion and integration at Facebook and in their products, in order to promote future growth.