Notable Alumni

Notable Alumni

Throughout its history, St Catherine's has produced many gifted men and women who have achieved great success in their chosen walk of life. This page lists just a selection of our Notable Alumni. If you have a suggestion for inclusion, please email us.

Chris Anderson (1975, PPE)
Entrepreneur, owner of TED

Jason Bell (1987, PPE)
Fashion photographer

Benazir Bhutto (1976, Foreign Service Programme)
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

Michael Billington OBE (1958, English)
Author and arts critic

John Cornforth (1939, Chemistry)
Nobel Prize winning chemist

Vivienne Cox CBE (1977, Chemistry)
Businesswoman, Executive vice President, Alternative Energy for BP

Philip de Glanville (1990, Politics and Sociology)
Former England rugby captain

Alice Eve (2001, English Language and Literature)

Emilia Fox (1993, English)

Peter Galbraith (1973, PPE)
Diplomat and author

MG Harris (1984, Biochemistry)
Children's author

Joseph Heller (1949, English)
Novelist and playwright

David Hemery CBE (1969, Education)
Olympic and Commonwealth athlete

Peter Mandelson  (1973, PPE)
Former MP and European Commissioner

Mark Miodownik (1988, Metallurgy)
Materials scientist and engineer

Matthew Pinsent CBE (1989, Geography)
Olympic rower and broadcaster

Jane Platt CBE (1975, Modern Languages)
Businesswoman, Chief Executive of NS&I

Alex Polizzi (1990, English)
Hotelier and broadcaster

Chloe Potter (2000, Modern History)
Journalist, producer and broadcaster

Harriet Sergeant (1974, English)
Journalist and author

Mark Simpson (2008, Music)
Composer and clarinettist

Joshua Silver (1964, Physics)
Physicist and academic

Andy Triggs Hodge OBE (2004, Geography)
Olympic rower

Sir John Walker (1960, Chemistry)
Nobel Prize winning chemist

Maxine Williams (1992, Law)
Global Director of Diversity at Facebook

Eric Williams (1932, Modern History)
Former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago

Simon Winchester OBE (1963, Geology)
Author and journalist

Wilfred Wong (1976)
Entrepreneur and philanthropist