Electrical Appliances Registration Form

Electrical Appliances Registration Form

This form is to be completed by all students entering accommodation in College. Under the Electricity at Work Act 1989 the College has a duty to forbid students connecting electrical equipment which it deems to be unsafe.

All students are required to fill out an Electrical Appliances Registration Form by midday of Friday of 2nd week, 23rd October.

  1. The following are the items of electrical equipment which students are allowed to bring with them into the College:

    Kettle, television, radio, hi-fi, music systems, alarm clock, table lamp, hair dryer, computer and peripherals.

    Other items will require the permission of the Maintenance Manager. Permission will not be granted for microwave ovens, toasters, or any cooking appliance. The College's decision on the use of an appliance is final.

  2. Please list in the form below the equipment you intend to use. Spot testing of the listed equipment will take place shortly.  Any purchases of electrical appliances after the submission of this form should be reported by e-mail to the Maintenance Department. Submitting the form will be deemed to signifiy your agreement to these rules.
  3. Every appliance must carry the appropriate British Standard number. Each appliance must be fitted with a 13 amp plug (BS 1363 A)  with sleeved pins and a fuse not exceeding 13 amps. Plugs on radios, lamps and other lightly loaded appliances should be fitted with appropriate 2 or 5 amp fuses. Cables must be in good condition and not worn, perished, split, stretched or twisted.
  4. Appliances brought from the USA run on 110 volts. It is highly dangerous to attempt to run these appliances on the 240 volt system used in the United Kingdom. You must check with with the Maintenance Department by e-mail  at maintenance@stcatz.ox.ac.uk before connecting any such appliance
  5. It is strictly forbidden to interfere with electrical fittings, to connect appliances to a lighting circuit or to use two or three plug adapters plugged directly into a socket outlet.
  6. No cooking is allowed other than boiling kettles.
  7. If you have a television you must provide your own licence as the College licence does not cover television sets in individual student rooms.
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