Financial Aid

The University and its colleges offer an impressive range of scholarships, bursaries and other support to students. This makes a college like Catz a very affordable place to study.

There are several schemes in place to help students financially:

Oxford Bursaries

Oxford Bursaries scheme offers non-repayable support to UK/EU Oxford undergraduates from lower income households, to assist with the cost of attending Oxford. There is no separate application process for Oxford’s bursaries as these are based on the household income assessment carried out by your regional funding agency. When you apply for UK government funding you should simply ensure you have given consent for the University to access your household income figure so that Oxford can consider you for this funding.

St Catherine’s College Student Support Scheme

The College offers financial support to students if, for example, their financial circumstances have changed and they have already applied for other public funds. The funds available under this scheme are open to all students – undergraduate/graduate, UK, EU and non-EU. To apply please complete this form.

Completed forms should be sent to in Word format - with a title Family Name, First Name – St Catherine’s Student Support Scheme. The page containing signature should be scanned into the application.

Access to Learning Fund and University Hardship Fund

The Access to Learning Fund is provided by the government to assist UK undergraduates and postgraduates, and some other classes of students (please see guidance notes), who experience financial difficulty. The University Hardship Fund is provided by the University to assist all students who experience unexpected financial difficulties. The guidance notes and application form for both schemes have now been combined.

Please read the guidance notes here and complete an application form here.
Completed forms should be sent to in Word format – with a title Family Name, First Name – Hardship  Application. Pages containing signatures should be scanned into the application

Graduate Academic Absence Scheme

The College will consider applications for a rebate of the nightly charge for graduates resident either in College or St Catherine’s House for periods spent attending conferences or on field research during the Christmas and Easter vacations.A form can be obtained here. It should be returned to

Other options to consider

A vacation job: visit the Careers Service and find employment in the long summer vacation. This makes a difference to your term time finances and earns valuable experience for your CV. There may also be jobs advertised by the College connected with the conference business (vacation time) or working in Hall (term). Keep a look out for emails advertising job opportunities.

Fees and Charges

Course Fees

For detailed information from the University about course fees and funding, click here.

College Living Charges

Charges (or “Domestic Charges”) are what are due to the College for accommodation, meals, and other services. A table of charges is available here. All charges are reviewed each year in discussion with student representatives. Our charges include provision for the targeted support of students whose household income is such that they receive some assistance with the payment of tuition fees.

Continuation Charges

Postgraduate research students who are still under active supervision beyond their maximum period of fee liability are liable to pay a College continuation charge which is £117 per term for the 2018/19 academic year (there are three terms in each academic year).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything else I need to think about?

If you live in College, the College will supply a mattress, mattress cover, duvet, pillows, duvet covers, sheets and pillowslips. All students are required to provide their own towels. There is a self-service launderette in the College, and ironing facilities are also available.

Junior members of the College are invited to pay £25.70 per year for the Junior Common Room Overseas Scholarships and MCR members £15.00 per year for the MCR Graduate Scholar Fund.

What are battels?

Students' charges for rooms and other services are recorded in an account called your “battels”. Students are billed at the beginning of term and this is payable by the Friday of the first week of each term. Failure to pay on time, without having made alternative arrangements for payment with the College Accountant, will result in a penalty interest charge.

You can pay by the following methods:
1) Via Upay 2) Bank transfer: please contact Jane Holmes ( for information. 3) Debit card payment in the Accounts Office. 4) Cheque payable to ‘St Catherine’s College, Oxford’.

Do I need a bank account?

It is essential that you open a student bank account when you arrive in Oxford. You will find that banks require several types of documentary evidence proving your identity and your correspondence address before and after admission to the College, and confirming your status as a student.

I’ve still got questions. Who can I contact?

Please contact either the College Accountant, Carey Forster ( / 01865 271802), or one of her assistants.
Jane Holmes ( / 01865 271747) deals with battels.
Cathy Steiner ( / 01865 281566) deals with fees.