Gavin Lowe

MA, MSc, DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Computer Science
Professor of Computer Science
President of Senior Common Room


I teach a broad range of subjects in tutorials at Catz, including the first year programming courses, and the second year Concurrency and Concurrent Programming courses. I supervise third and fourth year projects on topics in Computer Security, Concurrency, Concurrent Programming and Automated Verification.

About me

I studied Mathematics as an undergraduate, before switching to Computer Science for my masters, doctorate and post-doctoral research, all at Oxford. I then lectured at the University of Leicester, before returning to Oxford in 2000 as a University Lecturer, and Fellow in Computer Science at St Catz.


I have a broad range of research interests within the general area of Concurrency.  

I am interested in Concurrent Programming, developing algorithms to exploit modern multi-core technology.  But in addition, I am interested in developing good techniques for reasoning about the correctness of such algorithms, or to help guide us towards a correct design.

I have a long-standing interest in the foundations of Concurrency, developing mathematical models to capture different aspects of concurrent systems.  I am also interested in model checking: using a program to explore all possible states of a concurrent system, searching for errors.

Previously, I carried out research on Computer Security, particularly security protocols: I developed various techniques for analysing protocols, either to prove them correct, or to find attacks upon them.