Selecting Subjects

Selecting Subjects

We want you to both academically benefit and enjoy each of the courses you undertake at St Catherine’s. Selection of subjects: Unlike many universities we do not have a list of subjects from which you are required to choose. We would like to move away from your simply choosing a title from a list. Use your personal statement to describe what you are interested in studying and what you would like to academically achieve here at St Catherine’s. It would also be helpful to know how the subjects or topics you wish to study fit into your degree (if in fact they do) or whether you are taking the opportunity to study subjects because of your own interests. Either approaches is equally valid but please make sure that your home university is happy with your choices as you may wish to obtain academic credit for them.

A number of faculties within Oxford publish their course and option syllabi on-line. These represent a valuable resource for those wanting to find out what might be possible to study and importantly in what terms some subjects may be taught.

You are welcome to contact the Director of Studies by email so that you can correspond directly ahead of your application about subject choices.

How many subjects can you choose per academic term?

The application form provides space to list the subjects you wish to take. You can ask that the Director of Studies takes account of your personal statement and/or you can give topics you may need to do to fulfil academic requirements at your home school.

Please choose two subjects that you represent your first choices and then offer two alternatives for each term.