Despite its modern foundation, St. Catherine’s College has an important Archive, which is looked after by Barbara Costa, College Archivist, on two afternoons per week, currently Monday and Wednesday between 2.30pm and 5.30pm. The role of the College Archive is to preserve a record of the life of the College – both an institutional record, and a less formal picture of the life of the College community. The Archive contains a small number of records related to the Delegacy and a larger number related to the foundation of the College, in addition to administrative records. There is a variety of media, primarily paper, but also videos and cassettes, photographs, slides, paintings, and sporting memorabilia. It receives external enquiries, currently between 20 and 30 per year, which are usually either about the architecture, or family history. In addition to administrative documents, the Archive primarily collects material relating to students, events in college, and commentary on the architecture. Developing and expanding the archives is one of the Archivist’s priorities at present, as is the preservation or copying of material in formats that are rapidly becoming obsolete, like VHS, audio cassettes and reel tapes.

For enquiries and appointments, contact:

Barbara Costa, College Archivist

01865 (2)81588 (Monday and Wednesday 2.30pm-5.30pm)

 Celebration dinner 1931- St. Catherine’s Society   
 Jacobsen telegram
  Student publication, The Wheel

Some projects:

2013, 2016
"Keep the Damned Women Out":  The Struggle for Coeducation, by Nancy Weiss Malkiel Professor of History Princeton University, published in 2016.

Keep the Damned Women Out

The Archives provided Professor Malkiel with copies of written records and photographs related to the co-education at St. Catherine’s from 1974,  with respect to the discussions and debates that led up to the decision, as well as to the arrival of women students and their subsequent integration into the academic and non-academic life of the college. 

Community project '66 Men of Grandpont', researching the lives of men on the first world war memorial in St  Matthew's Church in Grandpont, Oxford.

66 Men of Grandpond 

The Archives provided Liz Wolley and Emma Hill with records and photographs about Ernest William Brooks, one of the many students matriculated with the Delegacy of Non-Collegiate students, later St. Catherine’s Society and then St. Catherine’s College, dramatically affected by the war.