Law & Law with Law Studies in Europe

Why Catz?

St Catherine's has a vibrant legal community attributable in part to the fact that the College admits a greater number of students to study the subject in comparison with most other colleges. With an annual intake of around 10 undergraduates and as many graduates, it is a diverse community comprised of over 40 students of different ages from all over the world united by a common interest in the study of Law.

Unusually, St Catherine's has three permanent law fellows (Thomas Adams, Andrew Dickinson and Justine Pila) who teach and research in different, complementary areas. This means that, at St Catherine’s, a significant number of the compulsory subjects in the undergraduate law degree are taught by the College fellows, including Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, EU Law, Jurisprudence, Roman Law and Tort.

At Catz we aim to provide a rigorous and supportive academic environment in which Law Fellows are accessible to students for help with any academic or non-academic issue at all times. Beyond formal teaching, the College has a Law Society and a Law Discussion Group and College members take part in a range of mooting activities, including our annual moot with Robinson College, Cambridge.
We have a strong record of examination results and recognise the achievements of our students through academic scholarships and exhibitions. The College has a dedicated Law graduate scholarship, Mr and Mrs Kenny Lam’s Graduate Scholarship in Law.

Our students have exclusive use during term time of the Law Library, with its collection of law reports and legal journals. The College Library also contains a substantial collection of monographs and other legal texts that is constantly being updated and expanded

In terms of location, we are the closest of the colleges to the Law Faculty and Bodleian Law Library, where Faculty lectures and seminars are held and materials not available in the excellent College Law Library can be found.

Reflecting the interests of its Fellows, Catz Law is closely involved with the Institute of European and Comparative Law (IECL), and is also the host of several moots. It hosts the Law Faculty/IECL's academic exchange with the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg as well as the Shearman and Stearling Moot and the French Law Moot. It also regularly hosts distinguished academics from other universities.

Number of places usually available at St Catherine's: 10 undergraduates, no subject limit for graduate offers
Courses offered: BA (Jurisprudence); BA (Jurisprudence) (Course II), with Law Studies in Europe; Bachelor of Civil Law; Magister Juris; MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice (part time and full time); Masters in Law and Taxation; Master of Philosophy (part time and full time); Master of Philosophy in Socio-Legal Research; Doctor of Philosophy (part time and full time)

Associated Staff

BA, BCL, DPhil
Fellow and Tutor in Law
Associate Professor of Law
College Lecturer in Law, H19-T19
MA, BCL Oxf, DipLegalPrac Solicitor Advocate
Fellow and Tutor in Law
Professor of Law
MSc ESSEC, MSc Oxf, Maîtrise, Doctorat Paris I, Maîtrise Paris II, MSc Sciences Po, JD Columbia
Fellow by Special Election in Law (M17-H18)
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow (M17-H18)
College Lecturer in Law (T18)
Lic, LLM Lisbon, MJur, MPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in Law (T18)
BA, LLB, PhD Melb, MA, DipLATHE Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Law