2016 Wallace Watson Award winners announced

2016 Wallace Watson Award winners announced

The 2016 Wallace Watson Award lecture was a huge success. Last year’s winner Thomas Joy (2013, Engineering) provided an informative and inspiring presentation, filled with plenty of personal anecdotes, about his solo trip across the Pyrenees. At the end of the evening, the 2016 Award winners were announced. Angus Young (2013, Chemistry) is going to be cycling across Asia, whilst William Hartz (2013, Chemistry) will be heading deep into the Arctic Circle following in the ski tracks of the 1923 Oxford University Arctic Expedition.

Angus commented, “I’m really looking forward to cycling from Tajikistan to Pakistan via the Karakorum highway, which is the world's highest paved road. I can't wait to learn of the nomadic life, whilst also challenging myself both physically and mentally. I’m so pleased and grateful to have won the Wallace Watson Award."

William and his team aim to retrace the 184-mile East–West crossing of the Island of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard Archipelago by Nordic ski. "The prospect of skiing, mountaineering and researching in this remote High Arctic environment will not only provide a unique opportunity to have a glimpse into the life of those who took part in the 1923 Expedition, but also provide an insight into this bleak, yet beautiful wilderness. I am extremely grateful to the College and the Watsons for their help," commented William.

For further information on William’s arctic expedition, please see www.svalbard2016.com and www.facebook.com/svalbard2016

Photo (courtesy of JSTOR) shows the Atomfjella, taken from Mt Irvine, where William Hartz and the team are hoping to carve out new routes