Critically-acclaimed Catz Alumnus Directs New Play

Critically-acclaimed Catz Alumnus Directs New Play

Catz alum James Phillips (1996, English) has written and directed a new play, Hidden In The Sand, which opened in London earlier in the month.

Based on the aftermath of the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, Hidden In The Sand is a love story interwoven with politics. Set between London and Cyprus, the play follows the fortunes of a displaced Greek Cypriot tied to the past.

Amy Kirle of Fourthwall Magazine described the play as '. . . a beautiful master class, brilliantly directed and written by James Phillips displaying the realistic difficulties that come with life and love . . .'

In 2005, James wrote the critically-acclaimed play The Rubenstein Kiss, set in the McCarthyist Cold War era.


28 October 2013