We are looking forward to welcoming you to St Catherine’s.

Click on the links below to download the forms and documents you need to read and prepare before you arrive. These are in PDF format. They can be viewed using Adobe Reader, which you can download free of charge.

Forms to complete and return by Thursday 9 September

  1. Reply Form
  2. Residential Agreement (return the first page only)
  3. St Catherine’s College Student Contract
  4. University Card Form
  5. Emergency Contact Details Form
  6. College Doctors’ Registration Form

Important information to read carefully

  1. Letter from the Master
  2. Letter from the Master to Parents and Guardians
  3. Letter from the Senior Tutor and the Academic Registrar
  4. Financial Information
  5. Letter from the Dean
  6. JCR Freshers’ Guide (to follow)
  7. Map and Directions

You will need to print the forms and send them to us, filled in, in hard copy. Forms requiring a signature, must be signed by you, so that we have your original signature. We cannot accept the signature of a family member, friend, or associate.

Your completed forms, in hard copy, need to be returned by Thursday 9 September. Please send the completed forms to:

Undergraduate Freshers’ Mailing
St Catherine’s College
United Kingdom