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Jessica Barnes (2000, Geography)

Staple Security: Bread and Wheat in Egypt (Duke University Press, 2022)

Egyptians often say that bread is life; most eat this staple multiple times a day, many relying on the cheap bread subsidized by the government. In Staple Security, Jessica Barnes explores the process of sourcing domestic and foreign wheat for the production of bread and its consumption across urban and rural settings. She traces the anxiety that pervades Egyptian society surrounding the possibility that the nation could run out of wheat or that people might not have enough good bread to eat, and the daily efforts to ensure that this does not happen. With rich ethnographic detail, she takes us into the worlds of cultivating wheat, trading grain, and baking, buying, and eating bread. Linking global flows of grain and a national bread subsidy program with everyday household practices, Barnes theorizes the nexus between food and security, drawing attention to staples and the lengths to which people go to secure their consistent availability and quality.

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Peter Buchan-Symons (2013, Mathematics)

Folding Fantasy: Volume 1 (2023)

Fold a brand new collection of Fantasy-themed origami models by Peter Buchan-Symons, one of the UK’s leading origami artists.

Designed for the most avid paper folders, this book will teach you how to create some of the world’s most intricate origami models through nearly 1500 step-by-step diagrams.

In addition to these instructions, discover the author’s unique insights into design methodology in the “Behind the Design” sections.

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Edward Clarke (1995, English)

Cherubims (Kelsay Books, 2022)

The poems in Cherubims explore the complex labyrinth of childhood-and parenting-in ways that are unflinchingly candid, delightfully entertaining, and unmistakably wise. The collection offers readers a sustained and thoughtful musing on life, one that gives voice to puzzlement alongside praise, to worries as well as wonder. Throughout this volume Edward Clarke’s writing weds reverence and wit, a rare accomplishment in contemporary poetry, and make no mistake about it: these are brilliantly crafted poems, quietly elegant in style, unobtrusively measured in form, and thoroughly delicious to read.
-Mark S. Burrows, author of The Chance of Home. Poems (2018) and Meister Eckhart’s Book of Secrets (2019)

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Anne Hamilton (1983, Visiting Student)

Dramaturgy: The Basics (Routledge, 2023)

Dramaturgy: The Basics introduces the art of dramaturgy, explaining how dramaturgy works, what a dramaturg is, and how to appreciate their unique contribution to theatre-making. A wide-ranging account of the role of this vital element of theatre helps students and aspiring performance makers to apply dramaturgy to a full spectrum of theatrical disciplines.

This guidebook teaches dramatic theories and script analysis as essential skills for aspiring dramaturgs and illustrates the various methods of reading for specific functions of dramaturgy. Dramaturgy: The Basics offers practical step-by-step instructions on how to practice production dramaturgy, dramaturgy of new work, translation, adaptation, devised theatre, site-specific theatre, literary management, criticism, editing, producing, and dramaturgical innovation, with detailed questions to consider at each stage of the process. This book aims to help students develop a dramaturgical mindset, enabling them to build a critical, inquisitive, and socially conscious perspective that is beneficial in all professions and relationships. Resource lists, further reading guides, and chapter summaries make this an outstanding guidebook.

An essential read for anyone hoping to make, understand, or discuss theatre, Dramaturgy: The Basics provides a clear, accessible resource for approaching this integral but often misunderstood facet of theatre-making

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Kenny Lam (1996, Law)

Choices (Citic Publishing, 2023)

Written in Chinese, Choices presents a summary of Kenny Lam’s learnings throughout his illustrious career: from Senior Partner at McKinsey, to President of Noah, to CEO of Two Sigma Asia-Pacific. It also includes a chapter reflecting on his time at St Catz and Oxford.

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Paul T. Llewellyn (1994, Jurisprudence)

Unshackled: Reimagining the Practice of Law (Lioncrest Publishing, 2023)

In Unshackled, Paul Llewellyn reimagines the practice of law as a more humane and human-centered career, presenting a practical plan for improving the lives of lawyers and, in turn, improving their results and client satisfaction. After practicing criminal and civil law in England and California, Paul brings a unique perspective to an age-old problem: how to update an outdated system. A must-read for every lawyer and aspiring lawyer, Unshackled is a call to action for establishing a more service-oriented and satisfying profession.

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Matthea Marquart (1995, Visiting Student)

Designing Engaging and Interactive Synchronous Online Class Sessions (EdTech Books, 2022)

Using Adobe Connect to Maximize its Pedagogical Value.

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Rebecca Martin (2013, History)

Women in the History of Science (UCL Press, 2023)

Women in the History of Science brings together primary sources that highlight women’s involvement in scientific knowledge production around the world. Drawing on texts, images and objects, each primary source is accompanied by an explanatory text, questions to prompt discussion, and a bibliography to aid further research. Arranged by time period, covering 1200 BCE to the twenty-first century, and across 12 inclusive and far-reaching themes, this book is an invaluable companion to students and lecturers alike in exploring women’s history in the fields of science, technology, mathematics, medicine and culture.
While women are too often excluded from traditional narratives of the history of science, this book centres on the voices and experiences of women across a range of domains of knowledge. By questioning our understanding of what science is, where it happens, and who produces scientific knowledge, this book is an aid to liberating the curriculum within schools and universities.

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