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Will Coleman (1981, Zoology)

Billy and the Man Engine (Golden Tree, 2021)

Granny Rowse tells stories. Billy loves to listen. Granny tells tales of triumph and tragedy, of industry and innovation, of effort and endeavour, all set in the far-flung mining landscape of West Cornwall. But Granny’s world, Billy’s home and the landscape itself are all under threat. Billy and the Man Engine is a deep and dark adventure story aimed at 8-12 year-olds.

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Annie Percik (1997, English)

The Defiant Spark (Fantastic Books, 2021)

Annie Percik’s debut novel is a fantasy adventure, set in a contemporary world without electricity, where mana powers everything. And the artisans control all access to mana. Abelard works in a call centre, helping people with their artefact problems. He dreams of being an artisan, until an accident with a malfunctioning artefact makes that dream a reality.

But the world of the artisans is full of secrets, and Abelard uncovers a centuries-old conspiracy at the very heart of society. He will have to choose between living the life he has always wanted, and giving up everything to bring the artisans down. Sparking a robot uprising along the way isn’t really part of the plan.

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Peter Wycherley (1960, Zoology)

A Rational Belief (Troubador, 2010)

A Rational Belief is an intelligent layman’s attempt to elucidate the relationship between God and Man from a contemporary standpoint, in order to make clear its relevance and importance to the individual and to society in the modern world.

The book develops the proposition that belief in a Creator is entirely compatible with the discoveries and hypotheses of science, and that there is no such thing as ‘supernatural’. A second radical theme is that there are certain ‘sacred cows’ in Western society such as competition, democracy, and human rights, that evil is using as stalking horses to deflect us from the responsibilities for our species and our planet that God has delegated to us.

The author contends that we can solve most of the problems that the world is now facing by the use of our own spiritual abilities and the resources that God has made available to us. He offers tentative suggestions regarding how this might be achieved, and what a future society committed to God’s purpose might be like.

It is an unusual and original contribution to current debates about the politics of moral engagement, and the significance of religious belief and practice.

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