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Mick Finlay (1984, Human Sciences)

Arrowood and the Thames Corpses (Harper Collins, 2020)

The third novel in Finlay’s Arrowood crime fiction series, Arrowood and the Thames Corpes, has been published by Harper Collins.

William Arrowood, Victorian London’s less salubrious private detective, is paid a visit by Captain Moon, the owner of a pleasure steamer moored on the Thames. He complains that someone has been damaging his boat, putting his business in jeopardy. Arrowood and his trusty sidekick Barnett suspect professional jealousy, but when a shocking discovery is pulled from the river, it seems like even fouler play is afoot. It’s up to Arrowood and Barnett to solve the case, before any more corpses end up in the watery depths . . .

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Michael Shattock (1957, Modern History)

The Governance of British Universities: the impact of governmental, financial and market pressures(Bloomsbury 2019)

The book based, on extensive interviewing in a broad range of universities and policymakers describes how governance of the higher education system has changed and how this has affected governance at the institutional level and the autonomy of individual academics. It also contains the first comprehensive assessment of the impact governance effects of the devolution of higher education to Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland after 25 years and the development of four distinct systems, with England in its adoption of a fully blown market approach as the outlier.

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