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Mustafah Dhada (1977, International Relations)

The Wiriyamu Massacre: An Oral History, 1960-1974 (Bloomsbury Academic, 2020)

Dhada curates a series of twenty-four witness accounts and testimonies of the massacre of Wiriyamu in this insightful work.  Issues of truth and concealment are brought to the fore, as Dhada uses interviews and in-depth oral history methodology to build a clearer picture of the atrocities and responses to them. The stories of survivors and those who fought in the aftermath of the massacre are centred in this seminal work.

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W.D. Jackson (1965, English)

Opus 3 (Shoestring Press, 2018)

Jackson’s latest work explores the emotional, physical, ethical and spiritual aspects of human life.  Forming part of his work on the individual and history, Jackson includes contributions in the form of translations, adaptations and quotations from ancient and modern authors in order to examine the responsibility that we all bear for our choices, and the impact of these both upon our own lives and on the world which we inhabit.

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Barrie E. Juniper (1952, Botany) and David J. Mabberley (1967, Botany)

The Extraordinary Story of the Apple (Kew Publishing, 2019)

The apple is a staple of most kitchen fruit bowls, and to the ordinary eater its history is relatively unknown.  For most of us, it is certainly not considered to be an exotic fruit, but rather a traditional English country garden delight.  However, in The Extraordinary Story of the English Apple, Juniper and Mabberley tell the story of the apple, from its origins in China to its distribution via the Silk Road in Europe, and on to its journey to America and Australia. Drawing on DNA evidence, this natural and cultural history shines a light on the humble apple, and reframes its history and significance in an international context.

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David J. Mabberley (1967, Botany)

Botanical Revalation: European Encounters with Australian Plants before Darwin (Nwq South Books, 2019)

David Mabberley leads the reader through the early European understanding of Australian flora.  Filled with beautiful illustrations, the book provides an insightful account of early European encounters with the botany of Australia, and assesses the motives and networks which led to the spread of interest in and knowledge of the topic in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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Piers Torday (1993, English Language and Literature)

The Frozen Sea (Quercus Children’s Books, 2019)

The second novel in Torday’s Lost Magician series, The Frozen Sea, transports readers back to the mystical land of Folio. Described as a “nail-biting adventure” by Book Trust, young readers will be engrossed by the magical world of the imagination which Torday creates. Combining danger, humour and a carefully-woven tapestry of literature and myth, The Frozen Sea invites readers to take part in a quest into the unknown.

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