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Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei (2005, Modern Languages)

The Life of Imagination (Columbia University Press, 2018)

Imagination allows us to step out of the ordinary but also to transform it through our sense of wonder and play, artistic inspiration and innovation, or the eureka moment of a scientific breakthrough. In this book, Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei offers a groundbreaking new understanding of its place in everyday experience as well as the heights of creative achievement. The Life of Imagination offers a vital account of transformative thinking that shows how imagination will be essential in cultivating a future conducive to human flourishing and to that of the life around us.

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Robert Morrison (1984, English)

The Regency Revolution: Jane Austen, Napoleon, Lord Byron and the Making of the Modern World (Atlantic Books, 2019)

The Regency began on 5 February 1811 when the Prince of Wales replaced his violently insane father George III as the sovereign de facto. It ended on 29 January 1820, when George III died and the Prince Regent became King as George IV. At the centre of the era is of course the Regent himself, who was vilified by the masses for his selfishness and corpulence. Around him surged a society defined by brilliant characters, momentous events, and stark contrasts; a society forced to confront a whole range of pressing new issues that signalled a decisive break from the past and that for the first time brought our modern world clearly into view. The Regency Revolution is the most thorough and vivid exploration of the period ever published, and it reveals the remarkably diverse ways in which the cultural, social, technological and political revolutions of this decade continue both to inspire and haunt our world.

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Peter Neville (1965, Metallurgy)

The Second Cello: a string chamber novella (Self-published, 2017)

A string quartet novella, dedicated to everyone who has ever played string chamber music, and of interest to the regular player. The story follows the formation of a string quartet and more, the players and their instruments, and the incidents that befall their musical lives.

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Chris Moorey (1967, English)

A History of Crete (Haus, 2019)

This is the first complete history of Crete for 25 years. Thoroughly researched from the latest academic literature, it is also very down to earth and highly readable.

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Victor Chen (1966, Social Studies)

‘Not Theories at All but Truths’ (iUniverse, 2019)

‘Not Theories at All but Truths’ is the eighth volume of Victor Chen’s papers, detailing how his life has been made the basis of paranoid threats to the American Presidency. (The title is taken from a recent exhibition of extreme art at New York’s Met Breuer Museum.) A particular focus of this book is the developing tensions between North Korea and the United States in the past couple of years.

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