Where did you study before coming to Oxford?

I was born and raised in Reading (exciting, I know!)

What are you studying/researching at Oxford?

I am in my fourth year of studying Medicine (the first of the clinical years). The first three years were focussed on Medical Sciences and all of the background knowledge required in Medicine. This year is a great contrast in that we are fully immersed in the hospital environment, getting involved wherever possible.

Why did you choose St Catherine’s?

I chose St Catherine’s having visited my older brother when he studied here. I felt a warmth in the college that I did not find elsewhere despite looking around on open days. I would choose Catz every time.

What is academic life like at St Catherine’s?

Academic life at St Catherine’s is well-balanced. Of course being at Oxford you are pushed hard but you always have the full support of your tutors who are there to call upon should you have any concerns. 

What is the social life like at St Catherine’s?

Social life at Catz is brilliant. We have the largest undergraduate intake of any college and postgraduate intake from all over the world (not to mention the biggest bar). I am always meeting new and interesting people at Catz.

What do you like most about St Catherine’s?

That it’s unique. Its modern architecture is completely unique in Oxford and everybody at Catz has a unique blend of academic expertise and extracurricular interests.

What do you like least about St Catherine’s?

It’s massive size! Walking from the new to the old quad can take a while and if I’m honest at times it put me off going to the gym. Then again, that’s just me being lazy!

What is a typical day like?

A typical day for me involves shadowing doctors doing their daily activities and helping out where I can. I go on ward rounds, do practical jobs that need doing and learn on the job by asking questions. Some days we have tutorials which hone in on a specific clinical topic. In a way, though, there are no typical days because every patient we see is different. A particularly good day would be capped off with dinner at Catz surrounded by friends.

Is there anything else you’d like prospective applicants to know?

If there is any part of you that wants to, apply. Everybody has their ideas and reservations about Oxford but Oxford (especially Catz) really does have something for everyone.