Catz Fellows Making (Radio) Waves

Catz Fellows Making (Radio) Waves

We’ve been recently delighted that two of our tutors and fellows, Dr Amanda Power and Professor Laura Tunbridge, have been featured on BBC Radio 4.

Professor Laura Tunbridge appeared on the long-running show Start the Week at the beginning of April, in a programme entitled Dissecting Death. The show looked into the fascinating topic of transhumanism, with Professor Tunbridge listening to the later works of Beethoven, Schumann and Mahler. Using her book, Schumann’s Late Style, as a starting point, she discussed whether the theme of mortality affects the pieces. Professor Tunbridge joined St Catz in 2014 as our Henfrey Fellow and Tutor in Music. Her current research is investigating vocal recitals in London and New York between the world wars, examining the influence of Austro-German musicians.

Dr Amanda Power appeared on Melvyn Bragg’s show In Our Time (her second appearance on the show) discussing the 13th century philosopher, Roger Bacon on the 20th of April. An expert on Bacon, her first monograph was entitled Roger Bacon and the Defence of Christendom. Dr Power joined St Catz in 2015 as our Sullivan Fellow and Tutor in History. Her current research concerns the relations between religion, power and the construction of public rationality, mainly through the study of early English Franciscans.

We are always immensely proud of the impact our academics have, not just on their students here at Catz, but on the wider academic community and public. Both radio shows are available to listen online via the links below.

‘In Our Time’, Radio 4, 20/04/2017

‘Start the Week’, Radio 4, 03/04/2017