Study with us

Study with us

"The great thing about the tutors is that they're all incredibly approachable, which really helps if you're struggling to get to grips with a topic. They want you to achieve your full potential, so they really don't mind if you come to them with any questions or difficulties that you have. If you miss out on asking in your tutorial, more often than not they'll be happy for a quick chat in the quad or in the corridor - assistance is always on hand." Callum, History student

Catz is a place of academic excellence and over the years an impressive body of internationally outstanding scientists, scholars and writers have been educated at the College. A key feature of undergraduate study at Oxford is the tutorial system. Students at St Catherine's also attend lectures, classes and practicals in their department, but tutorials are organised by the College and allow students to discuss their subject with leading academics in the field. Small group teaching ensures that tutors know undergraduates well, able to help both academically and in any other area of difficulty.

The College Library aims to stock all core material on undergraduate reading lists, alongside a wealth of other more specialist texts. With over 55,000 books in its working collection, the Library has a generous loans policy and a large number of reader spaces, particularly useful during exam periods when pressure on library resources increases. Students also make use of department and research libraries, including the Bodleian, which is entitled to a copy of any book or periodical published in the UK or Ireland.

St Catherine's offers a wide range of subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, and values greatly the study of the sciences and arts in equal measure. Most of our Fellows have an international research reputation and we are particularly proud of the strong showing of St Catherine's among the list of Nobel Prize Laureates. Fellows have also been involved in 'spin out' companies to exploit scientific discoveries made at the University.

With three lecture theatres on site, the College is able to host public lectures on a variety of subjects throughout the academic year, to which students are invited to attend. All this makes for a stimulating intellectual environment, and the College is proud of its place at the forefront of innovation, research and contemporary culture.