40 Years of Catz Co-residence

40 Years of Catz Co-residence

In 2014, Catz will celebrate 40 years of co-residence. Catz was among the first of the men’s colleges to become mixed, admitting women in 1974 along with Brasenose, Hertford, Jesus and Wadham.

In the forward-thinking style synonymous with Catz, the College’s Governing Body sought The Queen’s approval and, on 20 December 1972, the College Statutes were amended - the College now existed to provide for men and women a College wherein they may work for degrees.

1974 saw 35 women arrive at Catz as part of that year’s new student cohort, approximately one-third of the total admitted. It also saw the election of the College’s first female Tutorial Fellow Gilliane Sills, who would go on to teach generations of Catz Engineers.

Then master, Alan Bullock, said in his circular to alumni advising them of the College vote in favour of co-residence that, ‘the Governing Body decided that admitting women would result in gain compared to loss to the College community.’ Four decades of co-residence has certainly proved that to be the case, with our alumnae distinguishing themselves in a wide variety of fields, and adding to the life and vibrancy of the College.

You can read more about the achievements of our alumni (both male and female) here.

Anniversary Events

In celebration of this milestone anniversary, the College, in collaboration with the University and the four other colleges celebrating 40 years of co-residence, will be hosting a series of special events. Catz will be holding a lecture entitled Women in Politics at Catz on Monday 12 May 2014, and a panel event entitled Enterprising Women at RIBA on Portland Place, London on 25 September 2014. The lecture will comprise a panel of our own alumnae, and will be open to all of our Alumni, Parents, Friends and current Students. Our Alumni, Parents & Friends are also warmly welcome to attend the events being hosted by the four other participating Colleges, details of which can be found here.

We will also be welcoming back 1974 matriculands for a Gaudy in June 2015, exactly 40 years on from the end of their first year at Catz! Invitations and further details will be sent in early 2015.