Visiting Students Programme

Visiting Students Programme

My name is Naomi Freud.  I am the Fellow at St Catherine's College who is its Director of Studies for Registered Visiting Students.  Those welcomed onto our Visiting Students Programme enjoy an academically rich experience.  Each Registered Visiting Student receives tutorials each week – usually on a one to one basis – in the subjects the student has chosen. The tutorials are tailored to suit the individual’s knowledge and understanding.  All Registered Visiting Students have access to all lectures and every library open to undergraduates of the University.  

The University of Oxford does not award a degree or other qualification for time spent as a Visiting Student.  However, St Catherine's provides written tutorial report transcripts for all courses undertaken and a record of achievement.  The home university from which the Visiting Student comes is then able to credit that student appropriately towards the degree it will award.

About the College

St Catherine’s College is one of nearly forty colleges which, together, make up the University of Oxford.  The College's foundation stone was laid by Her Majesty the Queen on 4 November 1960 and its first undergraduates were admitted two years later.  Its core buildings are listed for their architectural merit.   They were designed by the renowned, Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen.  The College is one of the largest in Oxford.  It has over 150 Fellows and Lecturers, approximately 500 undergraduates and several hundred postgraduate students.  It is distinguished academically and also in music, drama and sport.  It has extensive facilities.  They range from a superb library to a large, Junior Common Room with debating pit, television and games room.  There is a Great Hall where the whole college dines together.  There is a small theatre, a music house, private dining rooms, a gym and so much more.  On site are squash courts, facilities for weight training and a punt house.  The college also has a boathouse on the River Isis and playing fields for rugby, football and hockey.  It is one of the friendliest and most open colleges in Oxford.

Membership of the College

The status of Registered Visiting Students is formally recognized by the University of Oxford.  Each Registered Visiting Student is issued with a University Card allowing access to libraries, faculty buildings and lectures as well as being used a means to pay for such things as meals, printing and laundry.

Registered Visiting Students are members of the College and its Junior Common Room (JCR).  They may join its sports teams, its clubs and societies.  Registered Visiting Students may also enrol in numerous Oxford University clubs and societies.  They may attend faculty lectures and they have full access to the University computing services.

All junior members are subject to the authority of the College Dean and are required to obey College and University regulations.