Catz Computer Science Society sees success

Catz Computer Science Society sees success

A team from Catz will be going to the world finals of an international programming competition next year. Members of the Catz Computer Science Society (CCSS) have already won the 2016 UK and Ireland Programming Competition (UKIEPC) and subsequently came third in the Northwestern Europe Regional Contest (NWERC), beating all other UK teams. These strong performances have secured the Society a place in the World Finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) in South Dakota in May 2017.

At the UKIEPC in October team members Hristo Venev, Mihail Jianu (both 2016, Computer Science) and Sauyon Lee (2015, Computer Science) had a decisive victory with their score of 10, with the second place team from Cambridge scoring 7. The problems they had to solve included finding a tax efficient way for a lottery winner to give his winnings away and helping Jack (of beanstalk fame) extract himself from a pyramid scheme. Each problem required the teams to code a solution in C, C++, Java or Python programming languages.

The NWERC gathering at the University of Bath took place just three weeks later. The competition lasted around five hours and consisted of 11 programming problems for the teams to solve. For each problem solved, a balloon was tied to the team’s desk so that they could see how well they were performing against everyone else. A total of 144 from across Europe took part. The UK winners secured third place with a score of nine.

A second team from Catz came in 55th position. Marilena Bescuca, Denitsa Markova, and Wojciech Szwarc are all first-year Computer Science students at Catz and have certainly made their mark with such a strong performance. The Catz Computer Science Society was only founded this year and has already made a name for itself with these competitons. Team coach Nick Hu (2015, Computer Science), who founded CCSS, commented: “I'm so glad that there has been so much interest in this society, and it's amazing that we've made it all the way to World Finals! I'm very proud of all of the teams that I took to programming competitions this year, and next year I hope to run training sessions for all levels to make sure Catz keeps up its strong representation in the ACM ICPC.”


If you're interested in studying Computer Science then Catz could be the place for you. Find out more on our subject page. Existing Catz students can also join the Catz Computer Science Society and make the most of the talks, socials and other activities that it runs.