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Graduate study at Oxford is a distinctive experience: all graduate students are members of both a department or faculty and a college or hall.  A student must be accepted by the relevant department or faculty before he or she is considered by a college. Please see the online Graduate Prospectus on the University website for a list of available courses, information on how to apply for graduate study, and an online application form.

You can state a college preference on your application form, or if you have no preference, can allow the system to do this for you. If you have any enquiries about studying as a graduate student at St Catherine's then please email the Academic Officer.

Click on the video to the left to watch a video about preparing to apply for graduate study at the University of Oxford.

Postgraduate Admissions

St Catherine's has one of the largest graduate intakes of the colleges admitting both undergraduates and graduates. We admit students from a wide mix of disciplines and backgrounds, which makes our community a particularly lively and stimulating place to study, socialize and live.

St Catherine's will be happy to consider applications for any programme of study offered by the University, but subjects related to the interests of the Fellows of the College are especially encouraged.The policy of the College from its foundation has been to integrate graduates closely into the academic and social life of the College.

Our Tutor for Graduates, who is a Fellow of the College, has responsibility for the interests and welfare of graduate students. All graduate students are also allocated a College Advisor (in addition to their University Supervisor) who is a Fellow of the College in or near their subject field.

Our MCR or "Middle Common Room" is the base within College for all graduate students. The MCR provides support beyond the regular subject-based academic structures at Oxford, represents the interests of graduate students at Catz, and offers a bulging academic, social, and sporting calendar. One of the highlights is the MCR's regular Friday Guest Night Dinner in Hall. Details of this and much more can be found on the MCR's web-pages.



Working with Schools

Visits to Oxford

We host a variety of school and college visits at St Catherine’s College throughout the academic year. A typical visit usually involves the following:

  • 'Oxford Explained' Presentation
  • Q & A with current students (during term-time)
  • Tour of College
  • Lunch in Hall

We are very willing to tailor the visits to the needs of your students if at all possible, so please do contact us to discuss ideas (

In-school visits

It may be possible for a representative of the College to visit your school or college to give an 'Oxford Explained' presentation. Please email to enquire.

Regional Links

As part of the University of Oxford’s ongoing commitment to engage with schools, we have developed a programme to simplify communication between the University and all schools in the United Kingdom. Each Oxford college is linked to a Local Authority to ensure that each school has a first point of contact within the University. For more information about the University's Regional Outreach programme, please click here.

St Catherine's College is linked with Northern Ireland. A representative from the College visits Northern Ireland several times each year with the aim of encouraging able students to consider applying to Oxford. Our next visit is likely to be in Spring 2016.

If you are a teacher and would like to discuss whether it is possible for us to visit your school in the future, please email


"The size of Catz means that there is a diverse set of interests amongst the students, leading to a wide range of sports clubs and societies on offer. Whether you are a budding hockey player, a part-time poet or a dedicated trumpet player, Catz can cater for your interests. The very nature of Catz encourages people to get involved, be they the best in their discipline or the newbee with two left feet." Ben, Biological Sciences student

The College enjoys a flourishing culture of music, sport and theatre. It caters to all levels of ability, from amateur to professional. Students have access to the College's Music House, which has two grand pianos and a harpsichord. The College offers a Repetiteur Scholarship in conjunction with New Chamber Opera and up to three Leask Scholarships a year, giving financial assistance in instrumental tuition.

Olympic athletes have thrived at St Catherine's, thanks in part to its boathouse, sports grounds and outstanding on-site gymnasium. All these facilities are free to use. The size of the College is a major advantage when it comes to sport. Current teams include football, badminton, basketball, athletics, and rugby. Catz has excellent facilities including squash and tennis courts, rugby and football pitches. Students are also welcome to hire college punts for a relaxing trip down the river.

Drama is driven above all by the Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Chair of Contemporary Theatre, past holders of which include Diana Rigg, Tim Rice, Richard Attenborough, Patrick Stewart and Michael Frayn. The Cameron Mackintosh Chair gives a series of lectures and workshops at the College during the course of the academic year. Thanks to this the College has exceptional links with contemporary theatre; many of our students take part in acting, writing and directing in Oxford and beyond.


St Catherine's offers a wide range of subjects at undergraduate level, and values greatly the study of the sciences and arts in equal measure.

360 Degree Tour

The Chemistry Department have created a webpage which allows you to explore Oxford through a range of panoramic images.

Click on the image below to explore Catz virtually.

Accommodation at Catz

One of the great benefits of being a student at St Catherine's is the availablility of on-site accommodation. With over 470 study bedrooms, the vast majority of undergraduates live in college for three years.

Accommodation is provided in the traditional Oxford format of different staircases, each housing up to 20 students and enjoy the advantage of living in close proximity to facilities such as the library, dining hall, Junior Common Room (JCR) and gym. New undergraduate students are usually allocated a room in staircases 1 to 16 which surround the main Quad. Most have shared bathroom facilities. All of the rooms in staircases 17 to 26 have en-suite facilities. All rooms have internet access. We have specially adapted rooms for students with disabilities.

Breakfast, lunch, cafeteria-style dinner (known as "Scaf"), and a three-course served evening meal are provided in the dining hall on a pay-as-you-eat basis. In addition, the "Buttery" is open on weekdays for mid-morning or afternoon snacks. Those who prefer to cater for themselves can do so by using the small kitchens provided on each floor of the accommodation, normally shared between 8-10 students.


Live at Catz

"Having grown up moving from country to country, I was used to adapting quickly. Nevertheless I have never settled in somewhere as quickly as I have at St Catz. It soon became a home, and I very quickly made friends I can see myself being in touch with for a lifetime." Juliane, Law student

St Catherine's offers excellent undergraduate facilities, including a spacious and comfortable Junior Common Room (JCR) with a large bar, television, pool tables, games machines, newspapers and vending machines. Regular student-run social events are organised throughout term such as open-mic nights and charity fundraisers, alongside a wide variety of other activities to help students settle into university life. The JCR (a term which also refers to the undergraduate student body) elects a committee of current students who represent undergraduates both within College and also to the wider Oxford University Student Union (OUSU).

St Catherine's prides itself on being a close-knit community with a strong atmosphere of openness and friendliness. Once students are accepted for study at St Catherine's there is an enormous commitment from the tutors to support them through to the end of their studies, and many graduates keep in touch with their tutors long after leaving College. There are many sources of help within College: the Dean, Junior Deans (postgraduate students who are qualified peer-supporters), harassment advisors, the College Doctor and a College Nurse who holds a daily surgery on site in term time. The JCR appoints both male and female Welfare Reps alongside a team of trained peer supporters.




Study with us

"The great thing about the tutors is that they're all incredibly approachable, which really helps if you're struggling to get to grips with a topic. They want you to achieve your full potential, so they really don't mind if you come to them with any questions or difficulties that you have. If you miss out on asking in your tutorial, more often than not they'll be happy for a quick chat in the quad or in the corridor - assistance is always on hand." Callum, History student

Catz is a place of academic excellence and over the years an impressive body of internationally outstanding scientists, scholars and writers have been educated at the College. A key feature of undergraduate study at Oxford is the tutorial system. Students at St Catherine's also attend lectures, classes and practicals in their department, but tutorials are organised by the College and allow students to discuss their subject with leading academics in the field. Small group teaching ensures that tutors know undergraduates well, able to help both academically and in any other area of difficulty.

The College Library aims to stock all core material on undergraduate reading lists, alongside a wealth of other more specialist texts. With over 55,000 books in its working collection, the Library has a generous loans policy and a large number of reader spaces, particularly useful during exam periods when pressure on library resources increases. Students also make use of department and research libraries, including the Bodleian, which is entitled to a copy of any book or periodical published in the UK or Ireland.

St Catherine's offers a wide range of subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, and values greatly the study of the sciences and arts in equal measure. Most of our Fellows have an international research reputation and we are particularly proud of the strong showing of St Catherine's among the list of Nobel Prize Laureates. Fellows have also been involved in 'spin out' companies to exploit scientific discoveries made at the University.

With three lecture theatres on site, the College is able to host public lectures on a variety of subjects throughout the academic year, to which students are invited to attend. All this makes for a stimulating intellectual environment, and the College is proud of its place at the forefront of innovation, research and contemporary culture.

Apply to Catz

UCAS Applications

Applications to the University are made via UCAS but please note that the deadline for Oxford applications is earlier than for other universities. You must apply by 15 October at the latest for places beginning the following autumn.

On your UCAS form you can also enter a campus code in order to specify a college of choice. The campus code for St Catherine's is 'L'. Have a look around the website and visit us on an Open Day. If you like what you see then we'd encourage you to apply to Catz!

Pre-Interview Written Tests & Written Work

Please make sure you check the University Admissions website and click on the How to Apply tab for your chosen subject.

Pre-interview written tests take place in a variety of subjects. It is your responsibility to check whether there is a written test for your chosen subject and to ensure that you have registered for it, where required.

Some subjects require samples of written work. These should have been produced as part of normal school or college work, usually be no more than 2,000 words, and marked by a teacher. Written work should be sent unfolded, with a completed cover sheet downloaded from the University website. Please make sure that all written work arrives by the stated deadline.


If you are invited for interview at St Catherine's, we will provide accommodation and food free of charge during your stay in Oxford. Our Junior Common Room is open for you for the entire period of your stay, and there will be a number of current undergraduates present, who will be able to answer any queries you may have. We try to make the interviews (which could be conducted by one, two or more tutors) as friendly as possible - we often get really encouraging feedback from our students on their experience at St Catherine's.

The aim of our interviews is not to catch people out, nor simply to test the extent of their factual knowledge. They are designed to see how people think and react, to test motivation and determination. As well as trying to identify those who would do well at Oxford, their aim is to ensure that the Oxford course is the right one for the applicant. We would certainly expect that you had your reasons for applying for a particular course well worked out, though you may of course also have thought of questions you would want to ask us.


If shortlisted for interview you will receive a letter via email and post in January informing you whether or not you have been successful. If you have been successful, this letter will include the conditions of any offer. The offer may specify that you need to achieve certain grades in particular subjects at a particular level and may include the need to meet the University English Language requirements.


In August, once all the relevant examination results have been published, we will confirm your place if you have met the conditions of your offer. If you have not achieved the required grades, we will let you know whether we are still able to offer you a place.



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