English & Modern Languages

Why Catz?

  • St Catherine's has a large number of undergraduates studying English or Modern Languages in combination with other subjects. This means that there are plenty of other students within St Catherine's with which to discuss work.
  • St Catherine’s has one of the larger college libraries in the university, a convenient place to work as well as borrow books, open until midnight during term.

St Catherine's, Oxford: A Pen Portrait

We are delighted to announce the publication of St Catherine's, Oxford: A Pen Portrait, a dynamic and lively compilation: a memorable tribute to St Catherine’s past and present.

The book starts with the beginnings of the Society in the nineteenth century, and depicts the College – the result of Alan Bullock’s vision and embodied in Arne Jacobsen’s architectural masterpiece – from its foundation in 1962 to its current role as a prominent and distinguished part of Oxford University. The book also includes insightful overviews of student life across the years, academic activities, music and the arts, drama, the Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professorship, and sport. A major part of the book also describes the origins of Jacobsen’s design for the college, its subsequent execution, and the interplay between the characters who helped bring it to fruition.

St Catherine’s is, as ever, a busy and thriving community and our hope is that its distinctive ethos and spirit, created by junior and senior members all those years ago, inspiring succeeding generations of students and dons alike, has been captured vividly in this book.

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Physics & Philosophy

Why Catz?

  • St Catherine's has a large number of undergraduates studying Physics or Philosophy in combination with other subjects. This means that there are plenty of other students within St Catherine's with which to discuss work.
  • The College is very conveniently situated near to the Department of Physics, where lectures and practicals are held. Although the Faculty of Philosophy is slightly further away, the walk is very pleasant.

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