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Visiting Fellowships at St Catherine's College, Oxford

The Master
St Catherine's College
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St Catherine's College has an annual programme under which scholars, either from the UK or from overseas, who may wish to spend a term in Oxford are welcomed as either Christensen or Visiting Fellows with temporary membership of the Senior Common Room. These Fellowships are non-stipendiary and ideally suited to faculty members on sabbatical leave from their permanent University positions.

Visiting Fellows enjoy many of the benefits of working in an international centre for research and cultural activities and as members of St Catherine's College, they join one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford.  St Catherine's, founded in 1962 by Sir Alan Bullock is now one of the youngest but largest undergraduate and graduate colleges in the University. It is proud of its striking modernist and iconic buildings which Alan Bullock commissioned from the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. The buildings are Grade1 listed and provide a unique environment for Fellows and students alike.

Christensen Fellowships are awarded to distinguished academic visitors who are members of their national academy – equivalent to the Royal Society and the British Academy in the UK – or likely to attain that standard if at an earlier stage in their academic career.


Applicants need to apply in writing with an up-to-date CV of no more than 6 pages and a list of their publications, together with a short summary of the work they intend to do during the tenure of their Fellowship.  Emphasis should be placed on evidence of scholarship and research plans. Where applicants have some connection or association with a member of the College’s academic staff, this should be mentioned so that if their application is successful, that individual can act as host during their stay.

At the same time they should ask three referees to write in support of their application. The College does not prompt referees for references. Applications should be sent to the Master at the address below.

Please include a passport size photo of yourself with your application.

Visiting Fellowships

  • Demonstrable research presence at a national level in chosen field, through significant publications in the literature, and a relevant research grant portfolio, where appropriate.
  • Recognition by peers of contribution made.
  • Coherent research plans for the time at St Catherine's.

Christensen Fellowships

As above, but for those in senior academic positions with an internationally established profile and liaisons.

It is hoped that any Visiting Fellowship will result in a mutually beneficial relationship between the individual and the College and establish a relationship which ideally might extend beyond the tenure of the Fellowship itself.


Applications are considered by the Visiting and Research Fellowships Committee on Wednesday of the sixth week of each term and recommendations are made to the Governing Body in eighth week. Applications are generally made about a year in advance. Fellowships are usually for one term. It is a term-time only position. The exact dates for Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity terms are fixed some three years ahead and are available from the Master’s office should you require them in advance of your application.

Terms and Conditions

Visiting Fellows become members of the Senior Common Room (SCR) and receive common table throughout their stay.  They also enjoy some more limited SCR rights after they have left.

Applicants who would like to be considered for either Fellowship at St Catherine’s College should not be applying to other institutions at the same time.

Applications can be made in writing or via email to:
The Master
St Catherine's College
Manor Road
Oxford OX1 3UJ
Tel: + 44 1865 271762
Email: masters.office@stcatz.ox.ac.uk

Master of St Catherine's

Roger Ainsworth

Professor of Engineering Science

I became Master of St Catherine's in October 2002, having been a Fellow in Engineering of the College since 1985. Originally I trained as an undergraduate apprentice with Rolls-Royce Aeroengines in Derby, before attending Jesus College Oxford as an undergraduate and postgraduate, and obtaining a D.Phil in 1976.

After ten years in industry, working for Rolls-Royce and also the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell, I returned to Oxford to continue my research in the field of aeroengine thermofluid flows. My main interest has been in the development of experimental techniques for measuring flows in the transonic regime, particularly applied to gas turbines. Other areas of interest have included the development of laser velocimetry techniques, and the history of technology, particularly the role of mechanical engineers in developing and inventing new machines.

Psychology, Philosophy & Linguistics

Why Catz?

  • St Catherine's is one of the few colleges with a representation of a Tutorial Fellow in each of the three components of the Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics degree. Because of this, we are in the enviable position to offer senior-level supervision and teaching for all three of the subject combinations: Psychology & Philosophy; Psychology & Linguistics; Philosophy & Linguistics.

Mathematics & Statistics

Why Catz?

  • St Catherine’s accepts applicants for Mathematics or any of the joint degrees available at the University: Mathematics & Statistics; Mathematics & Computer Science and Mathematics & Philosophy.

Mathematics & Philosophy

Why Catz?

  • St Catherine's has a large number of undergraduates studying Mathematics or Philosophy in combination with other subjects. This means that there are plenty of other students within St Catherine’s with which to discuss work.
  • St Catherine’s has one of the larger college libraries in the university, a convenient place to work as well as borrow books, open until midnight during term.

Materials Science

Why Catz?

  • The College has a strong tradition in Materials Science, with one of the larger undergraduate intakes as well as a healthy number of graduate students. Alumni include at least 9 senior academics in Materials Science at Oxford University, Cambridge University and Imperial College alone, plus Mark Miodownik, author of Stuff Matters and star of many TV science programmes.

A Welcome from the Master


Welcome to St Catherine's - Oxford's youngest mixed (undergraduate and graduate) college and also one of its largest and most diverse communities. Whatever your reason for visiting us, you will be interested to know that the College has an atmosphere of openness and friendliness that greatly assists our primary mission: the pursuit of academic excellence and the enhancement of creative thinking. We treasure the traditional values of Oxford college life, but our modern architecture gives us a distinctive position to pursue a modern agenda. Our college motto, Nova et Vetera (the new and the old), reflects this. The college environment values greatly the study of the sciences and arts in equal part, and we are proud of the strong showing of St Catherine’s among the list of Nobel Prize Laureates. The work of ten individuals associated with the College, including three alumni and six Fellows, has been recognised with a Prize.

We celebrated our fifth decade as a College last year, and in celebration of this major landmark, we have published a commemorative book, St Catherine's, Oxford: A Pen Portrait. This lively anthology, encompassing the stories and memories of the individuals who have shaped our College, is a tribute to our community. The book tells a compelling story, charting the rich legacy we inherited from our nineteenth century Delegacy forefathers, through to the embodiment of Alan Bullock's vision realised in Arne Jacobsen's masterpiece, finishing with the voices of the current generation in the twenty-first century.

If you are thinking of studying here, please do cross our threshold to experience the atmosphere for yourself. You are very welcome to come and visit, either on one of our open days or at other times. I was recently told in the heart of London that Catz is a community known for 'Unpretentious Excellence'. See whether you think we measure up to that by looking at the pages of our website. 

The Master, Roger W Ainsworth, MA, DPhil, FRAeS.

Family Day 2016

Following the success of our previous two Family Days in 2012 and 2014, we are delighted to be hosting this event again in 2016. The day will be jam packed full of family activites and entertainment. All family members are welcome for what promises to be a fun-filled and relaxing afternoon.

Further details can be found in the programme below!


Date: Saturday, 24 September 2016

Time: 12.00 - 4.00pm

Venue: St Catherine's College

Guests: Alumni and family members


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