Udo Oppermann

BSc, MSc, PhD Philipps Marburg
Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences

Andreas Muench

MA Oxf, Dr phil, Dipl TU Munich


I teach undergraduates in Mathematics in particular in the applied topics.

About me

Before my move to the UK I was awarded a Heisenberg Fellowship and a Habilitation Fellowship by the German Research Foundation.  I am an alumnus of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes.


My research combines mathematical modelling with asymptotic as well as numerical methods, such as spectral methods, finite elements and finite differences. I also work on stability analysis and solutions of conservation laws associated with high-order partial differential equations. My fields of application cover problems in fluid and solid mechanics, in particular many coating problems ranging from Marangoni driven flows to problems in nano- and micro-fluidics, and from problems with non-Newtonian rheology to the self-assembly of solid nano-structured thin films.  Through my long-term industrial contracts I have also worked on modelling and the numerical simulation of flows of charged particles in an ionic carrier liquid.

The fundamental interest in micro- and nano-scale phenomena as well as the increasing importance of applications of nanomaterials in particular in the energy sector has focused my recent research on topics such as nanostructuring of evaporative polymer blends and infiltration of nano-porous media for the optimisation of organic solar cells.

Graduate supervision

I supervise DPhil students and am happy to talk to prospective DPhil students in Applied Mathematics.



Fellow and Tutor in Mathematics
Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics
Deputy Director of OCIAM

Angela Brueggemann

BSc St Olaf, MSc Iowa, DPhil Oxf


I teach undergraduates on the Biology degree course and the Biomedical Sciences degree course in topics related to infectious diseases, molecular biology and genomics.

About me

I have been at Oxford since 2000 – initially for my DPhil, followed by a senior research fellowship and then a departmental lectureship, which brought me to St Catherine’s in 2006.  I am currently a research fellow funded by the Wellcome Trust in the Nuffield Department of Medicine.  My research group and I are based in the Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research.


The main focus of my research is the pneumococcus, a bacterium that is a major cause of diseases such as otitis media, pneumonia and meningitis worldwide.  My current research involves using genomics to understand pneumococcal evolution, especially changes related to antimicrobial and vaccine selective pressures.

Graduate supervision

I supervise DPhil students and am happy to speak to prospective students.


Wyres KL, van Tonder, A, Lambertsen LM, Hakenbeck R, Parkhill J, Bentley SD, Brueggemann AB.Evidence of antimicrobial resistance-conferring genetic elements among pneumococci isolated prior to 1974. BMC Genomics 2013; 14:500. [PMCID:PMC3726389]

Wyres KL, Lambertsen LM, Croucher NJ, McGee L, von Gottberg A, Linares J, Jacobs MR, Kristinsson KG, Beall BW, Klugman KP, Parkhill J, Hakenbeck R, Bentley SD, Brueggemann AB.Pneumococcal capsular switching: an historical perspective.J Infect Dis 2012; 207:439-49. [PMCID pending]

Wyres KL, Lambertsen LM, Croucher NJ, McGee L, von Gottberg A, Linares J, Jacobs MR, Kristinsson KG, Beall BW, Klugman KP, Parkhill J, Hakenbeck R, Bentley SD, Brueggemann AB.The multidrug-resistant PMEN1 pneumococcus is a paradigm for genetic success.Genome Biol 2012;13:R103. [PMCID:PMC3580495]

Golubchik, T*/Brueggemann, AB*, Street, TL, Gertz, Jr, RE, Spencer, C, Ho, T, Giannoulatou, E, Link-Gelles, R, Harding, R, Beall, B, Peto, TEA, Moore, MR, Donnelly, P**, Crook, D**, Bowden, R**.Genomic sequencing for bacterial epidemiology: tracking a successful vaccine escape variant formed through a multi-fragment recombination event.Nature Genetics 2012;44:352–355; *co-first authors; **co-senior authors. [PMCID:PMC3303117]

Beall, BW, Gertz, Jr, RE, Whitney, CG, Moore, MR and Brueggemann, AB.The shifting genetic structure of invasive serotype 19A pneumococci in the United States.J Infect Dis 2011;203(10):1360-8. [PMCID:PMC3080895]


Fellow by Special Election in Biological Sciences
Associate Professor & Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow

Karl Sternberg

MA Oxf
Fellow by Special Election

Bill David

MA, DPhil Oxf

About me

I read Physics at St. Catherine’s and stayed on at College to complete my D.Phil. in Physics at the Clarendon Laboratory.  I then moved the short distance from the Clarendon to the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory to take up a post-doctoral research position with Professor John Goodenough (previously Head of Inorganic Chemistry and now an Honorary Fellow of the College) working on some of the earliest lithium battery research.  In 1983, I moved to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory to help set up the diffraction facilities at what was to become the ISIS spallation neutron source. I returned to Oxford in 2006 as a Visiting Professor in Inorganic Chemistry and was elected to a Fellowship in Physics at the College. In October 2013, I was appointed to the joint position of Professor of Chemistry in Oxford and STFC Senior Fellow at ISIS.

Research and graduate supervision

I have a small group of D.Phils. and PDRAs and our research is principally based on new materials for sustainable energy applications, with an emphasis on energy storage and on the storage of hydrogen and ammonia in particular. Throughout my career, I have been involved in the development of neutron and X-ray diffraction techniques in combination with computational modelling and have written a number of computer programs and packages for crystallographic analysis and data visualisation.


Fellow by Special Election in Physics

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