Jesse C Petersen

BSc Western Australia, PhD Simon Fraser
College Lecturer in Physics

Ai Matsuno Fletcher

BEng, Keio, PhD Lond
College Lecturer in Chemistry

Claire Williams

BA Durh, MPhil, PhD Camb
College Lecturer in Portuguese
Associate Professor in Brazilian Literature and Culture

Adam Ritchie

BSc, PhD New South Wales


At St Catherine's I take tutorials on evolution and genetics for 1st year and medical genetics for 2nd year Human Science students. Most of my teaching is in the Blavatnik School of Government, where I coordinate the Science and Public Policy core module for our Master of Public Policy students.

About me

Originally from Australia, I completed both my BSc and PhD at the University of New South Wales. I studied evolution, zoology, genetic and immunology before specialising in the later. I moved to Oxford as a post-doctoral researcher in 2005, and have been teaching Human Science since 2006.


My research in immunology has spanned several areas, including HIV, malaria, prions, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Since joining the school of government in 2011, my research has expanded to include science education and capacity building. I currently lead on a project looking at the impact of large scientific studies, such as vaccine trials, on the development of scientists in Africa.

Graduate supervision

I supervise several students working towards their Master of Public Policy, as well as students from both Oxford and Liverpool who are working on scientific capacity building. I'm always happy to speak to students who are interested in applying for the MPP program or in getting involved in our capacity building work.

College Lecturer in Human Sciences

Eve Fryer

BM BCh Oxf
College Lecturer in Medicine

Andrew Elliott

BA Camb, MPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in Economics

Karen Kearley

College Lecturer in Medicine

John Traill

BA, MMus East Ang, DPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in Music

Jonathan Thorne

MA, DPhil
College Lecturer in Chemistry

Karel Hruda

College Lecturer in Computer Science


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