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1.            Notice of Risk

All punts and equipment are let to hirers at their own risk. St Catherine’s College (hereinafter 'The College') will not be responsible in any way for any accident, injury, damage or loss, whether direct or indirect, arising from the hire or use thereof (save for the College's liability for death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the College, its employees or agents).

2.            Notice of Responsibility

The hirer (taken as the person signing for the keys) shall be responsible for any accident, injury, damage or loss and for all damage to the punt and equipment arising from the hire or use thereof or from any breach by the hirer of these conditions and shall indemnify the College from and against all claims, demands, liabilities, expenses and costs which may be brought against or incurred by the College as a result of any accident, injury or loss arising from such hire use or breach (other than death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of the College, its employees or agents).

3.            Reasonable Use

The hirer shall use the punt and equipment in a reasonable, proper and careful manner.

4.            Hire Deposit

A deposit, usually in the form of a University or Credit card, for each punt hired will be required before hiring commences. Such deposit will be returned on return of the boat and on production of the keys.

5.            Minimum Charge

The minimum charge is one hour's hire (£6) and subsequently for complete hours only, paid in advance from University or Debit card.

6.            Term of Hire

If the hirer returns the key to the Lodge more than 15 minutes after the pre-agreed time then a further hour’s charge is liable. A mobile phone will be required and the number should be left on the signing sheet.

7.            Safety

If the river is dangerously high, or if there is any other concern for the users’ safety, the porters retain the right to refuse use of the punts.

At least one of the punt users should have previous experience of punting and all should be able to swim.

For safety reasons punts must not be chained together

Hirers should be aware of water–borne diseases and underwater obstacles and therefore must only change positions whilst moored and not in mid-stream.

Also hirers must not dive from, or otherwise leave the punt, while away from the bank.

Children must be provided with life jackets by hirers.

No animals can be taken on the punt.

9.        Maximum Capacities

No more than 6 people of any size may occupy a punt.

10.          Late evening hire

No punt may be taken out less than one hour before dusk. This time will be at the discretion of the porters. All punts must be returned before dark

11.          Disclaimer

The College’s punts and equipment are hired subject to the above conditions and are not hired subject to any other condition or warranty, express, implied or statutory and any conditions or warranties other than the above conditions are hereby expressly excluded insofar as permitted by the statute.

Stored Furniture

If you are interested in making use of any of these items of furniture currently in storage please e-mail James Bennett quoting the reference number(s) of the item(s) that you are wish to enquire about.



Item 06 -

Item 07 -
Item 07

Item 08 -
Item 08    

Item 09 -
Item 09

Item 10 -
Item 10    

Item 12 -
Item 12  

Item 14 -
Item 14    

Item 15 -
Item 15

Item 16 -
Item 16    

Item 17 -
Item 17

Item 18 -
Item 18    

Item 20 -
Item 20    


Item 22 -
Item 22

Item 23 -
Item 23    

Item 25 -
Item 25    

Item 29 -
Item 29    

Item 33 -
Item 33

Item 36 -
Item 36


Oscar Nomination for Catz Alum

Catz alumnus Tim Webber (1984, Physics) has received an Oscar nomination for his work on the film Gravity, Alfonso Cuarón’s space drama starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Tim was the Visual Effects Supervisor on the film, which has been nominated for 10 Oscars in total, including one in Visual Effects.

Furthermore, Gravity leads the way at this year's Baftas with a total of 11 nominations including Best Film, Best Actress for Sandra Bullock, Best Director for Alfonso Cuarón, and of course Special Visual Effects.

New EMBA Students starting in January

We're looking forward to welcoming you to St Catherine's.

Click on the links below to download the forms and documents you need to prepare before you arrive. These are in PDF format. They can be viewed using Adobe Reader, which you can download free of charge.

Forms to complete and return by Thursday 6 December

  1. Reply Form
  2. Emergency Contact Details Form

Important information to read carefully

  1. Financial Guidance
  2. Letter from the Dean
  3. Letter from the MCR Co-Presidents
  4. Map and Directions

You will need to print the forms and send them to us, filled in, in hard copy. Forms requiring a signature, must be signed by you, so that we have your original signature. We cannot accept the signature of a family member, friend, or associate.

If you have difficulty downloading or printing any of the forms or documents, we can post hard copies to you. Please be aware that hard copies may take some time to reach you, particularly if you are outside the UK. To request hard copies, please email specifying your full name, course, and postal address.

Your completed forms, in hard copy, need to be returned by Thursday 6 December. Please send the completed forms to:

Graduate Freshers’ Mailing,
St Catherine’s College
United Kingdom

Maria Roberson

Events Administrator

Sir John Cornforth 1917 - 2013

The College is deeply saddened to announce that alumnus and Honorary Fellow Sir John Cornforth (1939, Chemistry) passed away on December 14 2013 at the age of 96. Professor Cornforth was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1975 for his research into the ‘stereochemistry of enzyme-catalysed reactions’.

Professor Cornforth was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1917. He suffered from otosclerosis, a disease of the inner ear, which left him deaf by the age of 20. After graduating from the University of Sydney in 1938, he moved to Oxford to study Chemistry at St Catherine’s.

The Katritzky Series

Alan Katritzky was a undergraduate of St Catherine's in 1948 where he read Chemistry. Alan has always maintained close links with the institutions at which he has studied and worked. St Catherine’s itself is fortunate to be the recipient of a great example of his educational philanthropy in the form of the endowment of three undergraduate prizes and the establishment of the Katritzky Lectures. These are annual public lectures given by either a distinguished Chemist, Historian or Art-Historian (these are the suject areas studied by Alan & his children). The inaugural Katritzky Lecture was given by Professor Sir John Meurig Thomas, one of Britain’s leading research chemists and educators, in February 2009.

Alan was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1980, and in 2005, Alan Katritzky was elected to an Honorary Fellowship at St Catherine’s in recognition of his distinguished academic career.

Previous Lectures

Professor Christopher Brown CBE
The New Ashmolean

Professor Steven Ley CBE FRS BP (1702)
A New World for Molecule Makers

Professor Jose Harris FBA (Emeritus Fellow)
To Russia With Love? Anglo-Russian Social, Cultural & Scientific Relations 1941-45

Professor Richard Thomson (1971, Modern History)
Ruins, Rhetoric, Revolutions: Paul Signac & Anarchism in the 1890s

Professor Sir John Meurig Thomas FRS, FREng
The Genius of Michael Faraday



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