Sarah Mathews

I'm a 2nd year studying History of Art at Catz. When I'm not poring over paintings, I play netball for college and take part in university drama productions. I'm really looking forward to finding out more about the College from Alumni, during the Telethon. It will also be great to raise funds for current and future Catz students! 

Sarah Lyons

I'm just about to start my second year studying PPE at Catz. When I'm not in the library, I enjoy running, playing football for the College and volunteering as a tutor in a local school. During the telethon, I will enjoy helping to fundraise for the benefit of Catz students, and I also can't wait to hear stories from alumni about their time here. It’ll be interesting to see how things have changed!

Nikul Vadgama

I’m a second year Engineering student. In my spare time, I serve as the Basketball and Squash captain for Catz. I know current students enjoy and appreciate Catz tremendously. A big part of what has made Catz what it is today is the alumni, so, it’ll be great to talk with them. I also look forward to raising funds that will aid the College in developing further.

Michael Tai

I'm a 3rd year at Catz. I study Medicine and dabble in a variety of things including Taekwondo and Good Samaritan phone-lines. I also started my own guided meditation society in College, which alumni should, of course, feel free to drop in to any time they are around. The prospect of speaking to alumni and finding out what's happening with the Catz diaspora is very exciting, as is telling them all about the cool stuff we have going on in College and how you can support us!

Matthew Rose

I’m going into my 2nd year studying History at Catz. In my spare time, I am involved in the Jewish Society and play football for the Catz 3rd team. I’m really looking forward to talking to alumni about their time at the College, particularly with reference to what their perception of the student political situation in Oxford was like. Moreover, I would be fascinated to talk to any alumni who were in the early 1960s intake to hear what the atmosphere was like at the time of our founding as a College!

Lucy Roberts

I’m a 2nd year Geographer at Catz. I can usually be found either on the water rowing or in the water swimming. As well as being a keen sportsperson, I am also involved in a great deal of charity work and have recently trekked the Great Wall of China in aid of a children’s charity. I’m really looking forward to participating in the Telethon, which will give me the opportunity to discover more about the history of the College, discuss the experiences of alumni, and raise funds to support current and future Catz students.

Liam Saddington

I'm a second year student at Catz, reading Geography – so far, I’ve progressed to 17 different colouring pencils. Next year, I'm on the JCR Committee as Welfare Rep and I’m looking forward to providing lots of bagels and cups of tea.  I think it will be great to speak to Alumni during the Telethon to find out more about Catz history and whether its food has always been as great. I'm hoping next year to complete the six meal challenge of breakfast, buttery, lunch, buttery, scaf and hall!

Katherine Hickson

I'm a second year Geography student here at Catz. Aside from colouring in, I spend much of my spare time at the sports centres and I also compete for the University and College in Modern Pentathlon. I'm really looking forward to talking with Catz alumni and hopefully raising some funds to help current and future Catz students. 

Joe Cock

I’m a fourth year languages student, which makes me the token oldie of the Telethon team (and of Catz UGs as a whole!). I chose to study French out of a love for the country’s food, the wine and the cynicism. My interests include cooking, learning then forgetting new languages, and travelling to far-off corners of the globe where my unfortunate surname is not a social burden. I look forward to chatting with alumni and absorbing some of their hard-earned wisdom.

James Taylor

I’m a 3rd year Geographer at Catz, and this will be my second time doing the Telethon. Last year, I really enjoyed connecting with alumni and hearing about the different paths that people have taken since leaving College. I was the Catz rugby captain last season, and when I have the time, I also lend my services to the football and cricket teams. 


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