Fleur Nash

I am now a third year Human Scientist, which I can't quite believe, as it seems only yesterday that I was arriving at Catz for the first time. I have tried to partake in Oxford life as much as possible,  from coxing the men's first boat for the College, to organising the 2014 Climate Forum and taking part in the university-wide drama and sports scenes. Yet, it is the unique Catz community which I love the most. Being a member of the JCR Committee has really made me appreciate the warmth and openness of our College. I look forward to speaking to alumni and finding out more about what Catz was like in the past! 

Clare Smedley

I am about to start my third year studying medicine at Catz (although sometimes it feels like I spend more time doing music than Medicine). I sing in the Catz choir and in another choir outside college, enjoy performing in shows, occasionally (and badly) play for the College girls football team, and I have perfected a handstand (if someone holds my feet) with the university gymnastics club. I'm looking forward to speaking to lots of Catz alumni whilst working on the Telethon. It will be great to hear about their time studying and living here and raise money to help others have the same experiences at Catz.

Chloe Rutland

I am about to go into my 2nd year of studying Geography at Catz. My first year was so much fun. I was lucky enough to row for the College and become a Lower Boats Captain, attend the Varsity Ski Trip, and work as a student ambassador and a Schools Plus tutor. I'm really looking forward to speaking to alumni of the college and listening to tales from Catz days gone by. I'm also keen to raise vital funds which will go towards helping Catz and preserving its unique culture.

Emeritus Fellow Lord Attenborough Dies

The College was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Emeritus Fellow, acclaimed actor, and Oscar-winning director, Lord Attenborough, who passed away on 24 August 2014 at the age of 90.

Richard Attenborough held the Cameron Mackintosh Chair of Contemporary Theatre in 1996. He generously invited students on to a film set during his time as Visiting Professor, as well as giving them access to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), of which he was President.

Julie Curtis

MA, DPhil Oxf
Director of Studies for Russian
Professor of Russian Literature

Catz 12th in Norrington Table

St Catherine’s is delighted to announce a strong performance in this year’s interim Norrington Table, which compares the performance of undergraduate students at each of the Oxford colleges in their final examinations.  The final Norrington Table will be published in September, after the appeals period.

44 of our students achieved First Class Honours, and Catz was placed twelfth in the Norrington Table for the 2013/2014 academic year, achieving an overall percentage of 71.73% – our second highest ranking to date.

The Master, Professor Roger Ainsworth, commented:


Where did you study before coming to Oxford?

I received my Bachelor of Arts, Honours and my Master of Arts in English Literature (with a specialty in Romanticism) from the University of Manitoba, Canada.

What are you studying/researching at Oxford?

I am currently in the second year of my doctorate in English literature at Oxford. My thesis argues for the essential correlation between the literary and the ethical as it is conveyed in the fiction of Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley.

Why did you choose St Catherine’s? (if you did)

I began my studies at Oxford as a student at St Edmund Hall but migrated to St Catherine’s on scholarship. I am grateful to be part of St Catherine’s warm and welcoming community.

What do you like most about St Catherine’s?

The College’s financial support for its students is impressive as is the academic support provided by committed tutors, the Dean, and Junior Deans. The academic life here is vibrant and intellectually inspiring. The library is extensive and serves as a wonderful workspace.

St Catherine’s social life is equally stimulating with all the opportunities for students to interact at formal dinners and other social events and activities. For these reasons as well as for its tranquil and aesthetically pleasing setting of hedged walkways and gardens, St Catz is a perfect place to pursue one’s studies.


Where did you study before coming to Oxford?

Before Oxford I completed my BSc in Biomedical Science at Kings College London and MSc at University College London in Cognitive Neuroscience. I took two years working as a research assistant before deciding that I was ready to undertake a PhD and pursue a career in academia.  

What are you studying/researching at Oxford?

I am studying for a DPhil in Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics, but more specifically am investigating visual cortical structures using ultra high resolution fMRI. 

What is the social life like at St Catherine's?

The social life at St Catherine's is excellent, there is such a variety of activities to take part in, and whether you visit the college every day or once a month you will always find friendly faces.

What do you like most about St Catherine’s?

I like the range of events that are held at college and the variety of people that attend them.


2014 Finals Results

St Catherine’s College is delighted to announce a strong set of results for the students who sat Finals this year.

The Master, Professor Roger Ainsworth, said ‘The 2014 Finalists deserve our warmest congratulations on their much deserved success. They should be very proud of all that they have achieved. Their results are a fine tribute not only to their own hard work, but to the supportive and inspirational teaching given by their tutors. Many congratulations to all!’

Further details will appear in Michaelmas Term’s CatzEye and The Year.

Catz Fellow Wins Book Award

Gervase Rosser, Fellow and Tutor in the History of Art, has won the 2014 Art & Christian Enquiry Mercers’ Book Award for his book Spectacular Miracles: Transforming Images in Italy from the Renaissance to the Present (2013, Reaktion Books).

Co-authored with Jane Garnett, Fellow and Tutor in History at Wadham College, the book examines an enduring Western belief in the supernatural power of images – for example the belief that a statue or painting of the Madonna can fly through the air, speak, weep or produce miraculous cures.


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