William Booth

BA Oxf, MA, PhD Lond

For Prelims I teach:
General History IV (1815-1914)
Optional Subject: The Rise and Fall of European Socialisms
For Finals I teach:
Further Subject: Modern Mexico 1876-1994
Disciplines of History
General XI 1789-1871
General History XII 1856-1914
General History XVII The History of the United States since 1863
History of the British Isles VI (1815-1924)
History of the British Isles VII (1900 - )

About Me

I studied Modern History and Politics at Oxford as an undergraduate before taking an MA in Latin American Studies at ILAS, University of London. I then worked for a few years at Canning House where our aim was to improve diplomatic, business, cultural and academic links between UK, Spain, Portugal and Latin America. In 2012 I finished my PhD at ISA, University of London; my thesis looked at various Mexican Marxist groups during the early Cold War. Before joining St. Catherine's, I taught history at the Univeristy of Warwick, at UCL and at LSE. I also teach Latin American politics at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (Bologna). I am a founder and convenor of the Radical Americas Network (radicalamericas.org) and an editor of the Radical Americas Journal.

My publications include: "Hegemonic Nationalism, Subordinate Marxism: The Mexican Left, 1945–7," in Journal of Latin American Studies (2017); "Mid-Century Communisms: A Schematic Approach?" in The International Newsletter of Communist Studies, XVIII (2012)


My research is divided into two strands, though at times they are linked. I work primarily on the Latin American lefts during the twentieth century, thinking about factors such as nationalism, factionalism, and authoritarianism. While much of my focus here has been on Marxists in Mexico, I have branched out into other strands of socialism and anarchism across the Americas. I am also interested in other histories that intersect with that of the left, including the histories of the Cold War (especially its definition and timing) and of U.S. foreign policy.

My second research strand examines writers and politics in post-Revolutionary Mexico; I have presented research papers on Langston Hughes, B. Traven and Martín Luis Guzmán. I am also interested in the relationship between radical politics and science fiction.

College Lecturer in History

Bruce Levell

BA, DPhil Oxf
Research Associate

Thomas Adams

BA, BCL, DPhil

Tom works in legal philosophy, with special interest in questions relating to method and social ontology, as well as the theory of public law.

Tom completed the BA in Jurisprudence and BCL at St Peter's College, Oxford and the DPhil in Law at Balliol College, Oxford. Prior to coming to St Catherine's he was a Research Fellow at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge as well as having been a Hauser Global Visiting Scholar at New York University School of Law.

For St Catherine's Tom teaches Constutional Law and Administrative Law.

Fellow and Tutor in Law
Associate Professor of Law

Samuel Wolfe

MA, MPhil, PhD Camb
Fellow and Tutor in French Linguistics
Associate Professor in French Linguistics

Alexander Teytelboym

BSc LSE, MPhil, DPhil Oxf
Tutor in Economics
Associate Professor in Economics

Alessandro Iandolo

BA Roma Tre, MPhil Camb, DPhil Oxf
Fellow by Special Election in Politics
College Lecturer in Politics

Medics' Gaudy 2017

We are pleased to welcome our Medical Alumni back to College for our inaugural Medics' Gaudy on Saturday, 28 October. The day will begin with some insightful remarks from our Fellows and students, followed by a drinks reception and lunch in Hall. Booking can be made below.


Date: Saturday, 28 October 2017

Time: 12.00 Opening Remarks · 12.30 Drinks Reception · 13.00 Lunch in Hall 

Venue: St Catherine’s College

Guests: Welcome

Cost: £45 per ticket

Selina Siak, former Fellow, publishes new book

When the Future Comes too Soon

Selina Siak, who was an Atlas Research Fellow at St Catherine’s from 1989 to 1992, has published her second novel. The book is called When the Future Comes too Soon (AmazonCrossing, 2017) and follows her critically acclaimed debut, The Woman who Breathed Two Worlds, which was published last year. Selina’s writing has been likened to Amy Tan, Pearl S Buck and Arthur Golden, and When the Future Comes Too Soon is an intensely emotional story, blending an exotic setting with eternal questions of life, love and loss that cross cultures and time.

Professor Philip Torr features on BBC Horizon

St Catz are proud to see our very own Professor Philip Torr appearing on a fascinating BBC documentary about driverless cars. Being at the forefront of research in Computer Vision, an intriguing area of AI technology, his contribution to this exciting project cannot go unacknowledged.


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