Modern Languages

Modern Languages

Why Catz?

  • We admit up to 10 students each year, making us the largest undergraduate subject in College and making Catz one of the most important Oxford colleges for Modern Languages.
  • We offer most joint degrees (Modern Languages and another subject) and language combinations, including a number of languages that can be studied from scratch.
  • Our tutorial fellows (full-time permanent tutors) in French, Linguistics and Spanish are internationally recognized experts in their fields.
  • First-year tutorials in French, Linguistics and Spanish are taught in College.
  • We employ experienced additional teachers in literature and languages, including several native-speakers.
  • We boast an exceptionally well-stocked library, with books, dictionaries, and foreign-language newspaper subscriptions.
  • We provide a full programme of support for students during their year abroad, including scholarships exclusive to Catz students.
  • Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and go on to have successful careers in a range of professions, such as television, journalism, law, management consultancy, translation, teaching, the voluntary sector and government.

Number of places usually available at St Catherine's: 10

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Associated Staff

BA Nott, MA, PhD KCL, MA Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Spanish
Professor of Spanish American Literature
Associate Lecturer in Spanish, St John's College Oxford.
BA, MA Birkbeck
College Lecturer in Spanish
MA, DPhil Oxf
Director of Studies for Russian
Professor of Russian Literature
Dott Lett Padua, DPhil Oxf
College Lecture in Italian (M18)
MA, DPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in French
MA, MSt, DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in French
Associate Professor of French
BA, MA Rio de Janeiro
Director of Studies for Portuguese, M18-H19
BA Dub, PhD Göttingen
College Lecturer in German
Associate Professor in German
BA Athens, MA, PhD Lond
Director of Studies for Modern Greek
BA Birm, MSt, DPhil Oxf
Director of Studies for Czech
BA McGill, MPhil Oxf
College Lecture in French and Linguistics
BA Barnard, MPhil, DPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in Spanish
BA, MSt Oxf
College Lecturer in French
BA Durh, MPhil, PhD Camb
College Lecturer in Portuguese
Associate Professor in Brazilian Literature and Culture
MA, MPhil, PhD Camb
Fellow and Tutor in French Linguistics
Associate Professor in French Linguistics