Catz features in new TV Show ‘Chokepoint’

Catz features in new TV Show ‘Chokepoint’

Chokepoint is an independently produced British spy drama, written and directed by SG Smith. Starring Tim Dutton of Death in Paradise, the fast-paced thriller was partly filmed at Catz and premieres online from March 1 2014 here.

Shot entirely on location, the show features Catz SCR and Bernard Sunley Building, with Arne Jacobsen’s iconic architecture clearly visible in the background.

The drama follows a gang of student hacktivists at Oxford University who, angered by government mass surveillance and the unbridled erosion of personal privacy, have designed a game-changer: a quantum encryption app called ‘Javelin’, which they believe is impenetrable to the NSA. But overcome with hubris and naive group thinking, the gang fails to register that it is being closely monitored by covert stakeholders – foreign and domestic, commercial and federal.

Senior intelligence officer Daniel Forté’s promising career has been compromised after a disastrous mission overseas, so he languishes behind a desk. He becomes suspicious when reactivated by his mercurial handler, Milligan, and given an incongruous recruiting assignment at Oxford University.

As the hidden agenda is gradually revealed, Daniel decides that his only chance of combating Milligan and surviving the coming onslaught lies in the rag-tag band of espionage freshers. Together, they set about turning the tables on their Machiavellian masters.

Teaser trailers can be found on Vimeo and on the Chokepoint TV Show Facebook page. More information can be found at