How to apply as a Registered Visiting Student 2018-2019

How to apply as a Registered Visiting Student 2018-2019

St Catherine's College welcomes applications from students who will have completed at least two years of college or university who wish to study in Oxford as non-degree students.  Michaelmas term runs from early October to mid-December;  Hilary term from early January to mid-March;  and Trinity term from mid-April to late June.  Applications are accepted for one, two or three terms although maximum benefit from study at St Catherine's clearly accrues to those able to come for the whole year.  Successful applicants will receive detailed instructions about dates of arrival in Oxford.

Applicants should include in their application their full name,  address, date of birth, and the number of years they have attended at university/college.  US candidates should include their GPA rating (it is unlikely that a place will be offered to anyone with a current GPA less than 3.7) and,  where appropriate,  SAT/ACT scores.  Candidates from other countries should send an equivalent evaluation.  Candidates should also include their current college transcript,  two letters of recommendation,  two samples of written work (not more than 20 pages) and a statement,  not exceeding 200 words,  of their academic goals and reasons for wishing to study at St Catherine's College, Oxford,  a passport photo and a copy of the applicant's passport details page.   In addition,  applicants should fill in a tutorial preference form on which they can indicate their proposed tutorial choices of study.

English Language Proficiency - please note that all teaching at Oxford University is carried out in English (with the exception of some language-specific teaching) and tutors must be convinced that you have sufficient fluency in written and spoken English to cope with your course from the start.  Therefore,  all non-native English-speaking applicants must satisfy Oxford University requirements.  Please look at the following link   to find out if you have the appropriate requirements. We will not make an offer until we have sufficient proof of your English language proficiency.

The Visiting Student programme for 2018-2019 is now full.   We will be putting our application form, residence dates and fees for 2019-2020 on the website in late September 2018.  The deadline for applications will be Friday, 1st February 2019 and will need to be sent to .     To give you an idea of the application process, I am leaving this year's forms for your information.

Registered Visiting Student Application Form 2018-2019

Registered Visiting Student Application Form 2018-2019 - Computer Science

Additional fees are applicable for those taking Computing Science.  The additional fee will be £2,634.00 for the academic year or £878.00 per term.  This will enable registered visiting students to attend Computing Science laboratory classes.

Registered Visiting Student Tuition and Accommodation Fees for 2018-2019

Accommodation and Residence Dates 2018-2019

If you have any academic questions please contact,  Fellow and Director of Studies for Visiting Students and if you have any other questions please contact, Administrator for Visiting Students.