Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I permitted to select a subject that does not appear on the list of subjects taken by students in the past?  Yes,  The list is there to show you what students before you have chosen to take.  You can choose whatever you would like to study.  It is helpful to provide a personal statement that demonstrates what you would like to study and why.  That makes selecting the right tutor much easier for the DIrector of Studies for Visiting Students.

When does term start,  and do I have to arrive earlier than the start?  The full term starts in 1st week, but we ask you to arrive the week before (0th week) for orientation in Michaelmas term and the Thursday of 0th week in Hilary term.  You accommodation is available from the Sunday (reception open 24 hours a day) on 0th week but please make sure that you tell your arrival date and approximate time so that your room is ready.

A month before you are due to arrive you will receive an email giving you lots of information including:  orientation, fresher's timetable, term dates,  tutorial information.  You will also be given contact details and tutorial titles for your primary and secondary tutors for the term you are starting.  We will ask you to make contact with them so preparations can be made.

Do I need a visa to enter the UK and if so how do I get one?  Please be advised by the Oxford University website especially for international students as to whether you need a visa or not.  Once you have decided which type of visa you require, either a Tier 4 visa (more than 6 months) or a Student Visitor letter (6 months and under),  the College will provide you with the appropriate information to apply for a visa and this will be arranged by Helen Alexander,  the Visiting Student Administrator of the College.  Please do not apply for a visa independently as you will need the appropriate paperwork from the college.

How do I go about opening an English bank account or do I need one?  The college has a cashless system which is linked to a bank account/credit card of your choice.   You will be provided with some information on the banks by the college, if you decide to open a bank account and have chosen the bank of your choice , you will need to print off an enrolment certificate by logging into the Oxford University student self-service webpage.

How do I get help if I am unwell? We have a college nurse,  Ennis Frankum,  who is available Monday to Friday.  We also have a college doctor in Oxford City centre.  Visiting students who are with us for more 6 months are eligible for free National Health Service treatment.  Those are with us less than 6 months are required to pay for medical consultations.  We require all visiting students to have medical insurance.

What is included in the accommodation?   Your accommodation will include a single bed, desk, table lamp, wardrobe, and bedding (duvet and pillow) .  Bedlinen is provided and changed once a week,  there will be access to a shower and toilet.    All rooms have wifi access.  Please note there is limited storage space.

What shall I bring?  My general suggestions would be hangers,  adaptors for plugs,  towels, layers of clothing as the weather is changeable,  certainly a raincoat.  Don't worry too much as you will have a wide choice of shops 10 minutes walk away.  Please don't buy books as there is a wealth of libraries in Oxford.