Philipp Koralus

BA Pomona, MA Oxf, PhD Princeton
Fulford Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
Fulford Clarendon Associate Professor in Philosophy of Mind


For undergraduates, I offer tutorials primarily in general philosophy, the philosophy of cognitive science, and ethics. I also lecture on the philosophy of cognitive science.


My research focuses on the role questions play in cognition, particularly in attention, reasoning, and decision making. In a nutshell, I argue that how we treat questions and answers accounts both for persistent irrationalities in reasoning and for our capacity to learn how to reason correctly. There is much to gain through links between the conceptual insights and formalisms developed in philosophy on the one hand and empirical psychological data on the other. We work on further strengthening those links in the Laboratory for the Philosophy and Psychology of Rationality and Decision (LPPRD – “Leopard”).

The link to my personal website is here.

Graduate supervision

I regularly offer graduate seminars in the philosophy of cognitive science, mind, and language. I also work with graduate students and post-docs on projects in these areas.