Why Catz?

  • St Catherine’s has a large and historic commitment to Chemistry in comparison with many other Oxford colleges, as indicated by the number of undergraduates which we admit, and the strength and depth in which Chemistry is represented amongst the tutorial staff and the Fellowship. Practically, this means that chemists at St Catherine’s are part of a community, which is unusually stimulating, both in terms of the teaching programme, and the social life within the College.
  • The College is very conveniently situated close to the University Laboratories, where University lectures and practicals are held.
  • St Catherine’s in particular takes justifiable pride in the high standards and extent of the tutorial programme which it hosts in Chemistry, to complement the University course followed by all chemists in Oxford.
  • Chemistry has a strong tradition at St Catherine’s, with three Nobel Prize winners among our Chemistry graduates.

Number of places usually available at St Catherine's: 10

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Associated Staff

BSc Brist, MA DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Inorganic Chemistry
Professor of Chemistry
MChem Oxf
College Lecturer in Chemistry
College Lecturer in Chemistry
MChem Oxf
College Lecturer in Chemistry
MA, DPhil Oxf
Fellow by Special Election in Physics
BSc, PhD Salf, MA Oxf, FRS
Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
BEng, Keio, PhD Lond
College Lecturer in Chemistry
MA, PhD Camb, MA Oxf
Tutor in Physical Chemistry
BSc, MSc Presidency Calcutta, PhD Indian Institute of Science
Junior Research Fellow in Chemistry
MChem, DPhil Oxf
Fellow by Special Election in Chemistry
College Lecturer in Chemistry
Director of Studies for Organic Chemistry
Tutor for Admissions
MA, DPhil
College Lecturer in Chemistry