CatzExchange Conference Success

CatzExchange Conference Success

The College was delighted to welcome a record twenty speakers across four multi-disciplinary panels to the fourth CatzExchange Conference, held in the Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre in Hilary Term.


Initiated by Senior Tutor Professor Bart van Es and organised this year by Serkan Birgel (2014, Geography), Matthew Fisher (2011, Chemistry), Elizabeth Smethurst (2013, Medical Sciences), and supported by Jerome Mayaud (2013, Geography), CatzExchange seeks to bring together members of the College to share and discuss their research, demonstrate the broad range of subjects studied at Catz and to promote an exchange of ideas. The conference comprises a series of 7-minute talks and undergraduates, graduates and Fellows were invited to submit a paper to speak about or register to attend. With 70 audience members in attendance, the 2016 CatzExchange proved a delightful measure of the event’s level of engagement in College.


Presentation subjects ranged from gender-based violence, the use of technology in the classroom, questioning the concept of infinity, the meaning of ‘Being’, the significance of historical town seals, the churching of women in medieval Europe and deadly defects in aluminium casings, with a key aim being to encourage cross-disciplinary discussion. Emeritus Fellow, Professor John Ockendon, concluded the event with a keynote speech, conveying some deep mathematical ideas to a multi-disciplinary audience in a very engaging manner. The spirit of the exchange was carried forth into a four-course dinner.


As a sign of the conference’s increasing development, this year saw the introduction of the ‘Best Speaker’ Award, which was awarded to Stephen Pates (2015, Zoology) for his presentation entitled, ‘Trilobites – identifying 500-million-year old lunches’.


The organisers would like to thank all those who contributed to the event and they hope to see many of you at next year’s conference in 6th week of Hilary Term.