Zubin Siganporia voted 'Outstanding Tutor' in OUSU Teaching Awards

Zubin Siganporia voted 'Outstanding Tutor' in OUSU Teaching Awards

St Catz Lecturer and Tutor in Maths, Zubin Siganporia (2007, Mathematics), has won the Outstanding Tutor Award in the OUSU Teaching Awards for the Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences category.

With nominations made by students, a panel of judges decided the winners in relation to criteria that included the extent that the tutor’s teaching methods were stimulating and engaging, whether they encourage debate and active learning, the promptness of their feedback and how thoroughly they address students’ concerns.

Speaking about his success, Zubin commented: “There's a real sense of community within the group of Catz mathematicians, both students and tutors, and I'm very fortunate to be a part of such a friendly and talented collection of people. The undergraduates and fourth years go out of their way to help each other, which certainly makes our jobs a lot easier, and it's a great pleasure to be able to teach the students here. The fact that they made the effort in the first place to nominate one of their tutors for a university teaching award is really appreciated."

St Catz Fellow and Tutor in History of Art, Professor Gervase Rosser, together with alumni Professor David Hine (1967, PPE) and Professor Chris Norbury (1979, Biochemistry), were also shortlisted from the 650 nominations for their respective categories.

For a full list of award winners, please see here