Lodge - Enquiries & Security

Lodge - Enquiries & Security

Your main use of the Lodge, apart from collecting and handing back room keys, will be for the collection, franking and posting of mail (national, intercollegiate, and internal mail or “pigeon post”).

The Lodge acts as the main contact point for a number of other purposes, including:

  • Lost and found property
  • Delivering academic work to College lecturers and Fellows
  • Issuing meeting room keys
  • Dealing with emergencies (e.g. fire alarms)
  • Reporting security issues (e.g. suspicious persons on site)
  • Operating the bicycle registration scheme
  • Answering general enquiries.

Outside of the period 7.00 am to 6.00 pm from Monday to Friday, the Lodge is primarily concerned with issues of safety and security. Lodge staff are in a position to get in touch with the appropriate staff, including the Junior Deans and emergency services, to provide assistance.

An online system is in operation for booking sports and other facilities (Music House, squash courts, punts).  Punting, as an activity, involves risks. Those taking out a punt need to be aware that they are taking on those risks and should exercise considerable care. Taking out a punt means that you are prepared to abide by the conditions set out the following page.