Sharing ideas at CatzExchange 2017

Sharing ideas at CatzExchange 2017

The College hosted the fifth annual CatzExchange on 23 February. The conference bought together members of the Catz community from across various disciplines to share their research. This year’s themes included learning from the past, contemporary affairs and technological developments, nature, energy and environments, and discourse, concepts and methods.

Topics for the presentations ranged from community policing methods in Handsworth in the 1980s to the circumstances surrounding the impeachment of former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff. Each participant has seven minutes to explore their topic and present their arguments.

"What really struck me about all the speakers was the skill with which they made their papers accessible to non-specialists”, commented Marc Mulholland, Fellow and Tutor in History, who chaired one of the panels. “This is really in the spirit of CatzExchange: students in different disciplines talking to each other. I know that everyone has come away from the conference with ideas they'll be thinking about for a long time. I certainly will be."

Year after year, CatzExchange has provided a forum for exchanging ideas and provoking thought, and showcases the exciting and diverse work that that is being undertaken at all levels within the College. The full participant list, and their topics, can be found here.

Top: Christian Amos (2014, History) drawing parallels between Soviet and American Western genre films.

Right: Francois-Xavier Ada Affana (2016, Interdisciplinary Area Studies) speaking on The Nigerian Counter-Insurgency against Boko Haram.
Left: Elizabeth Smethurst (2013, Medical Sciences) uses a traffic light analogy to explain why cancer cells replicate.