Apply to Catz

Apply to Catz

UCAS Applications

Applications to the University are made via UCAS but please note that the deadline for Oxford applications is earlier than for other universities. You must apply by 15 October at the latest for places beginning the following autumn.

On your UCAS form you can also enter a campus code in order to specify a college of choice. The campus code for St Catherine's is 'L'. Have a look around the website and visit us on an Open Day. If you like what you see then we'd encourage you to apply to Catz!

Pre-Interview Written Tests & Written Work

Please make sure you check the University Admissions website and click on the How to Apply tab for your chosen subject.

Pre-interview written tests take place in a variety of subjects. It is your responsibility to check whether there is a written test for your chosen subject and to ensure that you have registered for it, where required.

Some subjects require samples of written work. These should have been produced as part of normal school or college work, usually be no more than 2,000 words, and marked by a teacher. Written work should be sent unfolded, with a completed cover sheet downloaded from the University website. Please make sure that all written work arrives by the stated deadline.


If you are invited for interview at St Catherine's, we will provide accommodation and food free of charge during your stay in Oxford. Our Junior Common Room is open for you for the entire period of your stay, and there will be a number of current undergraduates present, who will be able to answer any queries you may have. We try to make the interviews (which could be conducted by one, two or more tutors) as friendly as possible - we often get really encouraging feedback from our students on their experience at St Catherine's.

The aim of our interviews is not to catch people out, nor simply to test the extent of their factual knowledge. They are designed to see how people think and react, to test motivation and determination. As well as trying to identify those who would do well at Oxford, their aim is to ensure that the Oxford course is the right one for the applicant. We would certainly expect that you had your reasons for applying for a particular course well worked out, though you may of course also have thought of questions you would want to ask us.


If shortlisted for interview you will receive a letter via email and post in January informing you whether or not you have been successful. If you have been successful, this letter will include the conditions of any offer. The offer may specify that you need to achieve certain grades in particular subjects at a particular level and may include the need to meet the University English Language requirements.


In August, once all the relevant examination results have been published, we will confirm your place if you have met the conditions of your offer. If you have not achieved the required grades, we will let you know whether we are still able to offer you a place.